Tuesday, August 9, 2005

I'll get there! :o)

Well....I was alone all day yesterday. I don't know about anyone else, but I kind of get a bit scared. Only because if I happen to fall. My daughter had to go to a funeral that was close to West Virginia, and we live on the other side of Ohio near Indiana! My son was home for only a few minutes. I thought I'd ask him if he would walk me next door to my neighbors house, so I would be safer. He did. :O) I stayed there until my husband got home. My neighbor is so sweet. :o) I was of course in so much pain still. I've been resting, but we all know how this horrid disease is. I'll get there! :o) I know soon I should start feeling better, and having more energy. I haven't been out in the sun, so I know things should turn around for me. :o) I had such a major case of "fibro fog" yesterday, I could hardly hold a conversation! lol :o) Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. lol :o) Too funny! There are times though, that it does get frustrating. But with friends it's ok. :o) All in all, my day was fine. Just the usual fibro stuff going on. :o) God bless you all, and very gentle hugs. :o)

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missboogerhead said...

It is funny how weird we are, but the pain is not laughable, but then again, you already know that.
~Miss O