Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yesterday was just a day for me to relax so I can start to feel better again. :o) Well, my physical therapist came this morning. I'm so glad that I rested up yesterday, because there were two new places on my body that had several muscle cramps! :o( Yikes! It really hurt again this time. :o( I have a doctors appointment today. Oh boy! I still haven't been able to get my blood tests done yet. He'll have to understand that. The way I'm feeling, I'm not sure if I should use my walker or my wheel chair today. :o( I do know that I plan on getting a lot more rest in again today, I have to get better so I can go see my friend. I'm still not able to drive yet. It's raining here. It's from the hurricane. We really could use it too. :o) I need to go....I should start getting ready for my appointment....it takes me awhile! lol :o) Again, thanks for all the comments...they keep me going, and I really do appreciate them and reading them! :o) God bless you all! :o)

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