Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I did it again. :o(

Yesterday was another hot and beautiful day. My grandson's other grandma came to visit yesterday, and I thought that we could visit a bit out side. As long as I stayed IN the pool like I did when I first got it. WRONG! :o( I did exactly what I did the first time I was in the pool. Nothing happened then. Yesterday, while doing the same thing, the heat really got to me, and I cramped up very bad. :o( I went ahead a came inside to cool off, and again it took a few hours for me to even do that. My physical therapist told me yesterday morning that she didn't think it would be a good idea for me to be out side like I've done 3 times. She did tell me that my body isn't good enough to be doing this. Well, she must be right. :o( I got very sick to my stomach and felt no energy at all. :o( I had to excuse myself from our company and lay down. I was in so much pain, with no energy, I couldn't move. I had to basically do a "shuffle" type walk. I do have a doctors appointment today and I'll talk to him about this, but, I already know what he will say as well. :o( At least I did have one time in my pool that made me feel "normal" again. :o) That helps as well. I woke up early this morning, only 4 hours of sleep. Thats ok, the night before I had more. :o) When I looked in the mirror, I noticed that now my right eye is now swollen like my left eye is. Well, eye lid. Great, I wonder what it could be? I'm hoping it's just allergies. Because I have this "goopy" stuff in them. YUK! This morning I feel pain all over my body, and still not much energy. I'll just have to do my best to get some rest today, and lay low inside. :o) Extreme heat and cold makes my body cramp up in no time flat. We keep the central air on 71 degrees at all times, and my body is used to that. I have to try my best to stay in a controled invirement to keep my body well. I did have fun though yesterday. :o) I did get very red while I was out, and it looked like I was burnt. But nope, I'm not, it went right into a tan. I don't burn, I think it's my heritage. I'm Hungarian and Native American. :o) I've always been naturally darked skinned as well as my son. :o) Well, time to get ready for the doctors. Thank you all again for your nice and helpful comments. :o) God bless you. :o)


dianneclewien said...

Oh Lisa,
Wait until most of the heat of the day is gone before going outside. Here is another trick I use, I plug in my fan and sit it on the porch pointed right at me along with a water sprinkler setup where it will just barely spray the porch. The combination of the two usually keeps it fairly comfortable for me to be outdoors at least in the afternoon after the sun is well in the west. I also have been known to wait until after dark to get in the pool.
Hope these tricks will work for you also.

missboogerhead said...

I'm sorry you didn't fair well today.  Don't give up on hte pool just yet!  I like Dianne's idea, just go out later in the day or at night!  Right now it it light for so long after the sun is far off on hte horizon, it is a perfect time to take advantage of that.  Hope the doctor went well.
~Miss O