Tuesday, August 2, 2005

A nice day. :o)

Yesterday was a pretty nice day out. I went outside again, but didn't get in the pool. Big mistake! I over heated in no time! I came back inside to cool off, and it took me a few hours to do that. I know better then to do that. I had a wet towal on me thinking that would be ok, but I was wrong. Oh well...now I know not to do that one again. :o) I did get 7 hours of sleep last night! Yessss! :o) I couldn't do much after being outside, but I did just rest. My energy level is still very low for some reason. From being in the heat it made my whole body cramp up in no time flat! Thats probably why it took so long for me to cool down. I feel like I'm back down to a hard 8 right now. Better then how I felt yesterday. Today I plan on GETTING in the pool this time! :o) Not just sit by it. :o) Lesson learned! :o) Everything hurts today, but I'll get better soon. My daughter and her boyfriend were in the pool, and I just wanted to watch them and to hear my daughter laugh and have fun! :o) It's rare that she is able to do that lately. I'm shaking this morning so I need to end this for now. Gentle hugs to you all. :o)


dianneclewien said...

I am so sorry you are feeling bad again. I to have found if I don't get in my pool everyday the pain is worse. I can not be out in the heat at all for any length of time. The heat makes my pain worse and will on occassion make me physically ill.
I have had a few days of added stress so my pain is back some but nearly as bad as  yours. I have not been in my pool for 4 days but I did get in the lake on Saturday which I'm sure helped me a great deal. I intend to try and get in it today.
I have noticed after I have gotten hot my energy level is 0. I am learning the hard way when I get do some things and when I need to wait. Unfortunately, my house cleaning will probably have to wait until fall. We have window units and they just are not keeping up with the heat.
Hang in there and do what is best for Lisa every once in awhile.
Hugs back to you.

missboogerhead said...

Same here. sweetie.  We went out yesterday for a short shopping trip... we weren't even out of the developement that I could hardly breath and stabbing pains were shooting through my arms and legs!  Such a crappy disease!  Well, I hope today went better!