Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :o)

Last night when my husband came home, I was able to calm down and get busy with finishing my cooking for today. I was also baby sitting my grandson! :o) When he was taking a nap, I crawled in bed with him and took one too, so I could rest up more. I really needed it. I really am so glad that my son was here all day! He helped me so much with everything! :o) I wouldn't have gotten much done at all if it wasn't for him helping me. I was baby sitting because my daughter was getting one of her Christmas presents from her boy friend! A tatoo! lol :o) It is beautiful! :o) Then when she got here, she was helping me out as well. :o) Both of my kids were worried about me. They could actually see the large lumps on my upper stomach area and ribs sticking out! They were, and they were hurting very bad. when my husband got home, he helped me out as well. :o) Things started to go more on time. I always put the turkey in the oven at 10:00 at night, and cook all night on 250 degrees, and by the morning it's almost done. :o) Since I don't sleep well, thats what works for me. :o) Well, I was late on getting it all done. At one time when I was in the kitchen starting the dressing, I almost passed out. All I could do was to hang on to the counter and yell for my husband. He helped me to sit down, and I started to feel better. My sister also called me, and she was making me laugh! :o) It hurt to laugh, but it did cheer me up a lot! :o) I really needed that! Between my sister and my family being here, they helped me to calm down so much. I am so thankful for them! :o) They are the ones that live with me and know me! That really counts. :o) After getting the dressing done, I got them in the oven. Then I took another break. More things needed to get done, so I went back to the kitchen to help out my husband. He was in that kitchen all night helping me! Bless his heart! Thats even after a 10 hour day at work too! :o) Got the dressing out of the oven at 11:00. Then was able to get the turkey in. I was only one hour late. Not bad for the day I had yesterday! :o) The pain in the whole upper body is what woke me up this morning. But, thats my life. I have to keep going no matter what. :o) God bless you all, and all coments are welcome. :o)

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