Saturday, November 12, 2005

Only MY thoughts......

Again, I wasn't able to sleep last night/tonight. Went to bed at 9:30, got up at 12:30. I have more stuff on my mind again, just when I was starting to relax. I once again received another email from the same person! All I want is to be left alone, how hard is that to get across?! The claims and accusations are not true, and am very tired of the nasty letters. For the first time, I wrote back, explaining that I want it to just stop. I don't understand why anyone likes to keep doing this to someone? Then, I noticed that the letter was also sent to my daughter!!! Why?! My daughter doesn't need this either! It's like I'm not enough to keep upset, so now, upset my daughter too?!!! Thats going too far in my book! Again, the letter is over petty things just to upset me. She is claiming that everytime I write in my jouranl, she receives it. I have no control over that! She had to have done that one herself, I can't do it, and everyone that has a journal knows that a person is able to click on the part where it says, alert me when a comment is posted, and, it goes straight to your email! Now how can I do that? I do not talk about her personal life on this. It has been just mine. I honestly don't want to know her personal life to tell the truth. I only write about my fibro stuff and what I go through with it, and the letters that I've been getting and that I still don't understand as to why! I have moved on with my life, or at least have been trying to, until I get another letter. Just as soon as I am able to feel a bit more relaxed, I end up with another one! That isn't at all helping my pain any! I'm trying to feel better, and the letters aren't helping. Not blaiming her for my pain, the stress makes me flare up! Plus, the hateful things that are writen in these letters are very hurtful to me. I guess if I'm doing the things that I am being accused of, it wouldn't hurt me so bad. Accusing me that I am going to go to her husband and tell him that she smokes! No, I'm not that kind of person, and if I wanted to, I would have already! She also states that by us saying that we are poor, that she was tired of hearing "poor" excuses! Whats that all about? And they are not rich, just well taken care of. I'd say so! The part that really hurt me the most was when she said that, "Being a good Christian and knowing "Thou shall not throw your pearls before swine or they will be trampled under foot." I'm a Christian as well. AndI have never in my life have talked to anyone or have writen such nasty things to someone like these letters are. They are hateful and down right nasty. And to also send this same letter to my daughter? What would that accomplish? Just hurt her as well. And keep this whole mess going! It really needs to stop! My body can't take any more of this! What do I do? Please....I could really use some advise on this.


misswings60 said...

Well,honey the only thing I can think of is,when you see an email from her,just don't open it. Don't give her the satisfaction of knowing it upsets you. Some people aren't happy unless they can upset others. You know what I mean. They just seem to thrive on turmoil. It just petty to me,that someone,who's knows your condition would want to hurt you this way,and seems to get a kick out of it. I'm sorry,but that's not a very nice way to be. And I wouldn't lower myself to that level,honey It's not worth it. Your a very loving and caring person,and if she can't see that,well then that's her lose. So when you get another email from her,just delete it. Ok honey. And remember,if she wants to throw stones let her, and tell my granddaughter to do the same,it's not worth it. Because if that's all she has to do all day  is to think of mean things to say to you, well then she don't have much of a life herself. You need to not let her upset you like this,it
s not good for your health,and you need to get your and try to relax. So just delete,delete,delete. She's not worth the time of day,if that's all she wants to do is upset you. Oky she's done that now it's time to stop,and put all of that behind. Like I said she's not worth it. I love you honey,now try and get some rest Ok,honey Your health is more inportant to me than some petty neighbor who want's to be childish. I love you baby.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Really, thats why I put that quote in my last entry. If she wasn't the one that was always doing the talking, and always interupting me whenever I did try to talk, she would know what kind of person I am. And, I WILL NOT let her bring my daughter into this PETTY stuff! Yes, I have been getting worse, because I was suppose to put Christmas things in lawaway yesterday, and I couldn't! I'm hoping I can do it today. My whole right side is pretty bad! If you think I was bad the last you seen me, thats was nothing compared to now. I am just so dumbfounded by all of this, I've never in my life ever met a Christian with such hatred in their heart!

l8ybug1945 said...

Hi Lisa,
Found your journal and decided to see how you're doing. Wow! I can't believe how some people choose to spend their time. I have a solution for you, CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. If she doesn't have it she can't send to it. I hope you're feeling better. I haven't heard from you in awhile & am sorry to say I haven't exactly taken the time to write to you either. Please take care of yourself....God Bless you, Love, Aunt Rita

seraphoflove9001 said...

Hello Aunt Rita. glad you were able to find my journal again. :o) No, I feel that I shouldn't have to change my email address. I haven't done anything wrong. You're a Christian as well, would you continue to treat someone like this? You know me, I'm a quit person and don't bother others. Plus, with this disease getting worse, I don't go anywhere. I'm in this house most of my time. I just don't understand people I guess. I am way too trusting, and I need to learn from this mistake. Thank you for writing a comment, they keep me going. :o)