Friday, November 4, 2005

I was able to get 5 hours of sleep last night, which is good for me. The other situation is now under comtrol. Thank God! Thank you so very much! :o) I feel so much better now. Well, not pain wise, thats still going on of course, plus with that added stress sure as hell didn't help. Oh well. I'll get through it. I had a chance to watch my grandson yesterday while my daughter and her boy friend went to give blood. :o) It was about an hour, but it was so much fun for me! :o) He's my little Prince! :o) When my massage therapist was here yesterday, I asked her if she had other fibro patients. She said yes, so I asked her about the lumps. She said that all of them had the lumps and it didn't matter how progressed they were with the fibro. So I then asked about if fibro progresses. She said with some fibro patients, yes it does happen, but some it just doesn't. She said that it depends on how bad you were when you were diagnosed. Ok. I aske her questions that I know she could answer because she's hands on, and has treated them like she does me. But, she as well as everyone else still feels that there is something else that needs looked into. So, as soon as I am able to finish that paper I wrote, I'm going to call my doctor and make an appointment. I can't really do much today, so I don't have anything planned. Really glad it's Friday. I need to write this: Mom- You need to report that your numbers on your card where stollen! Ok? I'm doing my best to help you with this one situation, and you know I wouldn't stear you wrong. If you don't, then you will be the one in trouble. ok. I need you to realize what I tell you in my letters to you are very important and to please heed the warnings that I'm getting. I don't know how else to get this to you. This is very important! I just love you and am very worried. : Again, I really want to thank this very special person for helping me out! :o) I really owe you one! :o) Again, your comments do really help me. Keep them coming. :o) God bless you. :o)

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dianneclewien said...

Lisa sounds like you are well on your way to trying to figure out what else is wrong with you. At least you are headed in the right direction with the list that you can show to your DR.
I have not been able to find out what my friend had, she is gone and so is her father. I am trying to get in touch with other girl who worked with us to see if she remembers. I want to say it was Neuro-Fibro something but I just can't remember for certain.
Keep up with what sounds like good work in keeping the stress down in your life.