Sunday, June 18, 2006

About stuff......

I've been resting a lot this I haven't put an entry in since Wednesday. I'm on a new medicine that kind of makes me feel tired. So, I've been in my bed most of the time. <sigh> The medication is for my arthritis-my back, and the fibromyalgia. It's suppose to help relax my muscles. I don't notice any differances. But it might take alittle more time to get in my system. :o) My husband has been doing so much better this week. :o) I'm still worried about him though. I'm so proud of him as well....he's really cut down on a lot of things! :o)

So much has gone on still this week! I've asked for it to stop...and it hasn't! Someone has gotten into my daughter's and I's other journal! We don't know how it was done....but I'm pretty sure who it is. I reported the other persons journal that my daughter and I feels that it is. No matter how the both of us try to block this person, they still get into them! Not very nice!

I'm just so tired of everyone elses drama and game playing! And I don't know how many times I have to tell everyone that I can not have this much stress on me! And my daughter can't take much more of their games as well! What they are actually doing is pushing her and I further away from them because of their games and drama!

I like that saying....because it's so true! I'm hoping that today will be better. :o) It's Father's it will be! :o)
We don't have anything planned today. Maybe a cook out tonight! :o) Sounds good to me! :o), when I write in my other journal...I'm going to put more 'key words' in it like I did yesterday, and thats how I found out that this person got into my journal! And this is all over my daughter breaking up with her boy friend! I say...move on and get a life! Geesh! My daughter and I can't take anymore of this. She has to take care of the baby, and if she's stressed out, the baby feels it....and thats not good and then I get pretty mad! This person only thinks of themself, and no one else! Obviously! I don't understand why some people can be this way.
Well....yesterday my husband and I went to some garage sales! :o) I haven't done that in years! It was fun! :o) We were looking for a table so my daughter can put her t.v. on, and we came home with a bunch of stuff for our grandson! LOL :o) We didn't find a we just got a few others good buys! lol :) Just doing that wore me out, I came home and had to get my legs up and rest! I couldn't believe wasn't that long ago that I could walk that far...which wasn't very far at all. <sigh> I took a nap to get some energy back.
Well....I guess this is all for now. My husband wants me to go with him to get some coffee...I'm out! YIKES! :o)


sugarsweet056 said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling chipper today, maybe the meds will help after a little more time, maybe not! :( You know I know what you're going through.
Hated to hear about someone getting ynto your journals (private I assume). GRRR
Have a great day today Fathers Day!

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thanks Sugar....I think the meds need alittle more time in my system as well. And yes....our other journals our private to this person! We know who it is...we just couldn't figure out how she has gotten in them. And I am having a relaxing day so far! :o) Happy Father's Day to you as well! :o)