Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm not sure yet....

I went to the pain clinic yesterday. It wasn't what I expected...but that doesn't matter. The doctor was very nice, and I liked him a lot. :o) Of course...I knew he would be "poking" on me and on my back! Ouchie! He gave me injections in the muslces in my back that were hurting pretty bad. Whew! That was an experiance! But...the pains in my muscles went away....the injections made them all numb! I lost count on how many he gave me at 5! I know there were a lot of them! At first he wanted me to come back in two weeks....then he changed his mind because of the severity of my back....I now go and see him again on the 5th of July. I'll be getting more injections. He also gave me Biofreeze. It's a topical medicine and he said that it should help the pain. I'll give it a try...because I'm not sure when the injections will go away, and when they do...all of the pain will come right back as fast as it all went away! Whew! Not looking forward to that. But at least I'm not in the pain I was in. Today I have another appointment to go see the new neurologist in Middletown. Now thats a long drive. I'll find out more on the progressive ms from him. So...thats going to be an all day event! The drive is what will take so long. <sigh> I'll keep posting more info when I come back. :o)

God bless all of you...and thank you for all of the support that I have been given! :o)

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sugarsweet056 said...

Glad they helped!
God Bless,