Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Through the valley

Through every lonesome valley

we have help and a sweet refuge,

For every trial of  life on earth,

We have one who will always be true.


Through every valley, there is hope

as on the Lord, we depend,

There is no other to walk beside us,

Jesus is our dearest friend.


As eagles soar over the mountains

and glide swiftly through the air,

Your spirit can rise above the mountain heights,

As the Blessed Lord delivers you from despair.


There is hope with the Lord in the valley

as each day, He goes before us to lead,

For with earthly trials,  we have a testimony

of  times spent with our blessed Jesus, at His feet.


His power and might is all sufficient

for whatever you may be facing today,

if on His strong arms you lean,

and let Him guide you along life's way.


He'll bring you out of the valley

as you trust in His grace so divine,

It's wonderful to walk with the Savior,

and in the valleys of life, have great peace of mind.

1 comment:

sugarsweet056 said...

AMEN! Praise His Name!
Just stopping in to say hello & wish you a nice upcoming weekend.
:) Sugar