Thursday, June 8, 2006

Update on my health.....

I had a doctors appointment this morning. I found out several things that I wasn't ready to usual. I do have good news to report about my's back down to being normal! YAY! :o)
I also found out more about my heart. He is sending me to a heart specialist now. It's a bit worse then I even began to think in the first place. I haven't talked to my family yet, so I'm not going to write it in here yet. And I never did have pluerisy. I also found out about that stress test and why I should have had it the day my other doctor wanted me to. I wish now I would have. This doctor explained it better to me this morning. He is also having me go to the physical therapy at the hospital for the warm water exercise to try and help my back. It's really killing me right now after he touches it to check on the progress.
All I can say right now is that I can not have any stress what so ever in my life right now. I choose to live! God bless all of you. :o)


sugarsweet056 said...

God Bless you sweetie. I'm praying for you, know that I'm here if you need a friend...only an email away! :)

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you Sugar. :o) I realy need that right now. :o)