Monday, September 24, 2007


Now that you're here

This is the moment you've been moving toward ever since the day you were born. The world you see in front of you now is the world you've long been expecting.

Now that you're here, perhaps there are some things that you find to be disappointing. Look beyond the disappointment, though, and you'll see so very much more.

You'll see within yourself a lifetime of experience that's more extensive now than ever before. You'll see opportunities for making use of that experience to create new unique and meaningful value.

You'll realize that no matter how much you've already done, there is always some new gift that you can give to life. You'll understand that no matter what may have happened before, there is always a way to move positively forward.

Now that you're here, you can learn from the past and begin to create the future. Now that you're here, you can think and feel and dream and act in accordance with your most treasured purpose.

You've traveled through a lot of living to get to this moment. Now is when you can truly fulfill the best of your possibilities.

-- Ralph Marston


All that you have chosen

Look around you and see all that you have chosen. What will you choose now?

Another moment is ready to be created. Give to it the fullness of your love.

How exactly would life be if you accepted complete responsibility for it? There is no reason to wait another minute before doing so.

All the beauty you have ever seen is only a small glimpse of all the beauty there can be. This is a moment that you can fill with beauty if you choose.

Take everything for which you yearn and dare to distill it into a pure and single essence. There you will find an endless supply of value to create.

From the purpose you choose to follow comes the moment in which you live. See the awesome possibilities of now, and give your best to life.

-- Ralph Marston





merry1621 said...

I love Ralph Marston!  He writes deep stuff that makes a person think and moves our spirits and our souls to good places. xoxo Merry

imgr8phil said...

I love the quotes.  So positive and forward looking.  Take care and have a good evening.


nhd106 said...

These are really terrific!
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Lisa, what a beautiful entry !!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and Love Lisa

xxroxymamaxx said...

Hi Lisa.  I love these quotes!  Thanks for sharing.  Hope you have a great week!  Love, Shelly

arlenes627 said...

wonderful quotes, thanks so much, hugs.....