Saturday, February 18, 2006


Well....the last two days have been the same with my pain. It has gotten a bit worse. It's still the places when I was in the car accident. My back and my hips! My back will start hurting pretty bad, then there goes my hips. I've laid with pillows under my legs/knees to try to take the pressure off, and still no relief. I have a doctors appointment this wednesday, and I'll find out the results of my tests.

Yesterday, my sister and I went back to Eaton to get my hair redone. We both went to get our hair highlighted and my sisters was done right but mine wasn't at all. I asked for it not to be cut and not a new hair color, just highlights. Well, I didn't get what I asked for at hair was colored very dark and cut as well very short...or should I say chopped up! I was not at all happy about it. Even the ends of my hair was burnt! Another lady tried her best to fix my hair the best that she could. It looks a lot better, but it's still not at all how I originally wanted it. But I do like it this way...the color of the highlights. Then we came back home and my daughter and her boyfriend and my grandson came over for dinner. :o) My sisters boy friend was here as well. :o) It was so fun! :o) I just love to have my family around. :o) I got tired early and had to go to bed...but I hope they were still up playing the game that they were playing when I went to bed. :o) Scatagories is so fun to play! LOL :o) Today there is going to be a birthday party at my daughters house for her! :o) I can't wait for that....she will be 21! :o) Good Grief that means both of my kids our legal! LOL :o) Boy does that make me feel old! LOL :o)

Yesterday morning, I signed on line and found that a friend of mine had sent me some pictures that I had lost when my computer crashed! :o) It made me cry to see that! :o) I really appreciated it! :o) And she has more that she is going to send me when she has the time! :o) Thank you so much! :o)

This is all for now. I got up way too early once maybe I'll be able to go back to bed later. Would be nice. :o) God bless you all and thanks for the comments! :o)

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