Sunday, February 12, 2006


Yesterday was a fun day! :o) Yes, I am still having problems with my back and hips pretty bad, but that didn't stop me from having fun with my family. :o) My sister and her kids and boy friend were here, and my daughter and my grandson were here and for a little bit, my son and his girl friend were here! :o) I loved it! :o) with the help of my husband and my sister and daughter I was able to make super for everyone. :o) I made a recipe from my grandma's. :o) Tasted great! :o) Afterwards, I had to get back in bed becuase my lumps on my legs that are still there, my knees and ankles were swollen. And my back was hurting. I would rest in bed from time to time to makes sure I would be ok..because the pain hasn't gotten any better at all. My grandson is doing good at getting around now! lol :o) Too cute! :o) He has two teeth now on the bottom! :o) My daughter and I were teaching him how to pick up pieces of his baby food and put it in his mouth by himself. :o) He was doing it on his own about the third time! YAY! :o) He loved the new little treats that grandma got him! :o) My neice and nephew had so much fun playing with him! My husband helped me out in the morning when he woke up, because my daughter is staying here for a few days. :o) To me, having my family around is the best thing! :o) I love it! :o) Even though I'm in really helps me so much more having my family here! :o)

On another subject.....My sister and I are still in a lot of pain since the car accident. :o( Still using the patches, but it doesn't seem like enough at times. But at least it's something. :o) And we are using our heating pads as well. Got to grandson is waking up! :o) God bless you! :o)


ps. nope...he was just dreaming! :o)

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shelt28 said...

I am glad you had a good day. You deserve it!!