Thursday, February 2, 2006

In a car accident!

Yesterday started out to be a really fun day wih my sister and I. :o) Up until around 5:00 we were on are way to this party supple store so my sister could get some things for her daughters birthday party on Sunday. We were stopped at the stop light and the traffic was bad becuase of the time. I noticed in the rear view mirror that the car coming up behind me wasn't slowing down, so I thought I'd put both of my feet on the breaks for just in case she didn't slow down in time. As soon as I put both feet on the breaks, She slammed into me! Didn't even slow down! I seen it all happen in my rear view mirror! She rammed us so hard she actually made us move up another cars distance! And thankfully the car ahead of me had moved up a bit so I didn't hit them. Whew! But it was close. The speed limit on that street is 40 mph. So I'm speculating that is the speed she was going. Plus, she was on a cell phone. gggrrr! So right away the both of us had instant pain! The police and ambulance were called for my sister and I. The other driver was not injured. They put neck braces on us and strapped us both on a baord. We had x-rays and a pain shot at the hospital. Thankfully we are both fine, just feels like we've been run over by a train. So...we are going to be resting all day. God bless you all, and take care. :o)


misswings60 said...

omg!! Lisa, are you and your sister sure you are both alright!! omg. I just something was wrong yesterday,when I got up. I just couldn't figure it out. I got up around 5:30 yesterday and I just couldn't shake this feeling something was wrong. All night last night I was feeling so blue. Now I know what it was. Are you two sure your alright? I love you both and don't want anything bad happen to either one of you. Love you both Mom

l8ybug1945 said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm glad you and Kim are alright. That's the same thing that happened to me 5 yrs. ago, only the car that hit me was going about 60mph & I ended up just short of a tree in someone's front yard. My car was totaled & I had to have PT & off work for a month. Take care of yourselves. Love, Aunt Rita

jeremysbabydaul2 said...

I love you so much mom!!! I am glad that I came over last night to be with you. Thank God Kayden and I did not come along like we were going to. Someone up above told me not to. Glad that you and Aunt Kimmie are okay. Still sore today, but that is better than being in the hospital. :)~ Love ya

shelt28 said...

Dear God. That's all you need! Your all ready in so much pain.