Friday, February 10, 2006

Just stuff.....

Yesterday was so very up and down all day. I put one of those patches on, and boy do they really work! :o) Too bad I can't wear two of them at the same time. I cut it up into 3 pieces, they are that big, and put them in my worse pain areas. After awhile, I was starting to feel all of the other places that are killing me! So, they really do work. And I'm so glad. :o) I also layed in bed for awhile to help with my hips. I would get up and check my email then go back to bed. If I am in the same position for too long, the pain just shoots through my whole body and seems to get worse. I was of course in a good mood...because my daughter came over to visit and brought my grandson with her. :o) That always cheers me up. :o) Then I got up again, and seen that someone was very upset with me. :o( So then my mood went way down. :o( I did however, get some emails that cheered me back up again. :o) Geesh! What a day. :o) Then my son helped to get some of my books down off of my shelves in this room. Yes! He got the ones that I can't reach that were on the top two shelves. :o) Today, my sister and I are going to finish up this room....that is if we can. :o) So thats something good. :o) I'm hoping that today won't be such an up and down mood day for me....boy does it mess with my body. Whew! Last night I got up and started to walk, and my legs almost went out from under neath me! I continued to try to walk and I almost couldn't! My sister came up to me because she seen what was happening with me and grabbed ny arm and helped me to sit back down. :o( Oh that really scared me! I tried to tell my legs to move and they wouldn't! I really need to get some more rest and try to keep my stress level down a bit more. Because I do not want to end up that way again! That was way too scary for me! :o(

I want to thank all of you that have left comments. :o) Thank you very much, they really do keep me going! :o) God bless you. :o)

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