Sunday, February 5, 2006

Just talking...........

I got up at 4:00 again this morning. I think my body has an internal alarm clock. I can't seem to get past 4:00. My back and left shoulder and my left hip is still bothering me a lot. I haven't been resting in bed and that could be why it's still hurting.

My sister and my best friend surprised me yesterday by rearanging my living room to make it more wheel chair accessible. :o) I was laying down taking a nap and woke up to it. :o) Today, we have planned to do this room now. :o) YAY! I love the way my living room looks. I have a sectional couch which makes it extremly hard to move and to make it work. As soon as I'm able to, I'd like to get new furniture that will fit in the living room properly. That would make it even easier for my scooter to get around better. Just another pipe dream of mine. I know it will never happen. It was close at one time, but not now. I can wait like always. :o) My sister fell on the back deck on the snow last night and reinjured her back. :o( She was injured as well in the car accident. :o( I hope she feels better today. She's been taking the pain pills the doctor gave her to help.

I would like to know a few things that I haven't understood since it's been going on. First of all, the other J-Lander that had been saying things about me that aren't true, has made it sound like that "we" have talked and even seen each other. Not the case at all. I haven't seen nor talked to them since the end of October. Thats why I have no clue as to why they are continuing to do this to me and my daughter.It almost seems as though someone is saying stuff to them that isn't true.  And I'm asking for it to just end. Ok? It's childish and makes no since at all. To be truly honest, I'd like to even talk with her one on one to actually find out what I did that was so bad, and maybe find out if someone has said something to them that isn't true. Because none of this makes any since to me. We were once very close good friends, and all of the sudden we're not? I don't understand. And yes, it did and still does hurt me.

Well, tonight my sister is having a birthday party for her daughter. :o) Sounds like fun. :o) My daughter and my grandson will be here as well. :o) I haven't seen them in awhile, and it will be nice to visit with them. :o) Except for last night...she had my sister and I babysit while her and her boy friend went to a movie. That was so fun. :o) My best friend was here also and he had to have a bath because I gave him an orange, and boy was he sticky! LOL :o)

I want to thank all that comments in my journal. :o) I welcome them all. :o) God bless you. :o)


lifeis2short4me said...

I am sorry but it seems to me that if all is calm, why woud you want to start things back up again. I have seen that the other person has dropped it but you have not. everytime it gets quiet you are the one that puts an entry into your journal. they said they are moving so why must you try to keep things going before they go. I have not seen anything in the entries that woud suggest that someone is talking to them to keep things going. on this one I will have to say it looks as though you are the one fueling the fire. keep a stiff upper lip and just ignore it all, it will help with the pain.

sweetestsin52605 said...

Well, I have not seen anything about the neighbors in her journal. And no she does not have a "fan club". We are just tired of having things written about us in "other" journals!! Love ya mom

seraphoflove9001 said...

To lifeis2short4me:
What you wrote does not make any point to what I have writen in my journal. I've already told you that I know who you are. By the way, all I want is to end this the adult way, by talking, but decide to use a journal with your entries that kept things going. I just want it all to end the way it should. Did I even mention anything about my neighbors? Or that they are moving? NO! I'd really appreciate it if you would stop acting like a child and act like an adult and at least talk this over instead of through your journal entries. What fire am I fueling? You say, "I have not seen anything in the entries that would suggest that someone is talking to them to keep things going." Now if you don't know "them", then why would you write this? Like I said, I know who you are, and stop using a psuedo name and just come out.