Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Nothing in general.........

I was able to get 7 and a half hours of sleep last night!!! YAY! :o) It's been awhile for that. :o) I'm hoping that having that much sleep will help me through my day today. I was still in a lot of pain yesterday. Now both of my hips are going out and very painful. Which in turn make my legs hurt as well.

I had a very full day as well. My daughter had spent the night to do her laundry and my best friend came over and then my mom. :o) I also had a great phone converstion with a very good friend of mine. She really cheered me up, as always. :o) My sister had asked my daughter to choose someplace to go for lunch for her birthday. Any place she wanted! :o) She picked one of our favorite places....Red Lobster. :o) We had so much fun. :o) My grandson was having a ball flirting with the waitresses! LOL Too funny! :o) My sister bought him a Johny Jump Up! LOL...and boy does he know how to use it! LOL He loves it! :o) So...that means that after we went to lunch...we went out to the new Wal-Mart! :o) There was a person dressed up as Chester Cheetah...and you could get a picture with him free! So I had my daughter help me stand and hold my grandson, and we got our picture taken with Chester! :o) Too cute! We all really had fun yesterday. :o)

Today, My sister and I are going out again. :o) It's so nice to get out of this house. I'd like to go and grab my daughter and grandson and take her with us. LOL :o) She really needs to get out more often as well. And today I start taking the new medicine I've been taking now for a week...instead of one in the morning, now two. So....I'll see how that will effect me. So far, I think it should be ok. I haven't had a reaction to just taking the one pill. Whew! Don't need any more bad reactions!

Well....Thats all for now. :o) God bless all of you! :o) And please, keep your comments coming! :o)


soupergurl68 said...

YEAAAA!!!!!!! WE WENT TO WALMART....WOOO HOOOO !!! THEY HAD THEIR GRAND OPENING YESTERDAY...IM SO EXCIETED OVER WALMART OPENING..... I guess its us small town folk get excieted over small things like this guess we need to get a life. As we've been told. By the way why are you being called a liar & why did this person say you took something, did she see you ? or what is she talking about because the person I know doesnt do that kind of stuff. I think we have a case of he said she said and some very childish games going on here. I thought we were adults on here. I also thought these journals were for us to talk about our feelings and whats been going on in our lives, not to bash peolple and start stuff with lies and accusations. All I can say is some people need to grow up get a life and not worry bout others. Life is too short for all this stuff. Whats with all the fan club stuff? Like thats a bad thing so I guess if thats what you wanna call being your friend then yea im in it, who's with me?

dianneclewien said...

You can count me in as a member of the Lisa fan club. LOL
Hey is the letter/prayer/apology thing from who I think it is???
What's the deal?? Trying to make up or something?? Lisa, girl I would not want to be in your shoes for nothing. But will stand with you and for you. Keep up the writing. Hope things get better all the way round for you and your family.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Yes, it was sent to me on January 12. So I obviously thought it would be over. Boy was I wrong! And thank you for being such a food friend to me! :o) You don't know much I apprecriate it. :o) And no...I don't like being in my own shoes half the time eiher! You do and say nothing to anyone and then they come right back into your life, when they are the ones that "extringuesd a bad relationship!" Which on my end I never knew about. Old news now. :o) And DAMN straight if my friend are called my "fan club," than you bet you are in it! lol :o)