Saturday, May 6, 2006

A nice day..

.....Just to let you know, nothing in this journal is toward anyone in specific.....I've had this journal since aol came out with them, and I use it to write my feelings, and about my illnesess,and in hopes it might help someone else as I do. And if you might take an entry that it is about you, I'm sorry but It isn't, it just may seem to coincide with your own life...... 
Yesterday my daughter and I went to the mall! It's been soooo long since I've been there! So much has changed since the last time I was there. :o) It was good to get out and have fun with her and my grandson. :o) I know this may sound trivial to some, but not to me...I am not able to go to the mall anymore by myself. We weren't there for very long....and boy did it wear me out! Whew! My back really started killing me! I came home and rested big time! No other choice.
I had a friend of mine tell me of a few more places for help. I wrote them all down and got on the phone imediatly. I did come across a grant that I'm eligable for, but they're not sure if they have enough funds yet. Thats fine with me...I told them what I needed help with and they will do their best with coming up with doantions! WOW! I've been praying on this. I should receive the application sometime next week! :o) We shall see! :o) It really cheered me up to know that there are still nice people out there. ;o) It was getting to the point to where I felt my nose being rubbed in certain situations, I was begining to feel a bit down, and that I wouldn't get my medical needs met. When you get a "mental beating" from someone that tells you that it's always my fault or aren't deserving, that I'm not getting the help that I need...kind of gets you down after awhile.
I had another good nights sleep, (for me )...about 5 hours. :o) Thats helps in more ways then one. Helps with my stress and my pains. My daughter let me know yesterday that on Tuesday night, she was up late and on the computer. She happened to read this journal and had noticed another very nasty comment from someone. It had upset her that this person had changed their name, because is blocked, just to leave such a comment. She knows my passwood and came on and deleted it. She told me about it, and had printed it out and hid it from me. She said that I didn't need to see it because she doesn't want me any more stressed and upset then I already am. I did however read the nasty comment! was uncalled for.All I have to say is, this has to stop! So...if anyone has seen something deleted, thats why. I don't leave my comments open for people to leave comments just so I can delete them....I leave them for others to read and voice their opinions on as well. I don't hide from others. I don't delete entries unless I have a reason as well, wich is rare, because once again...I don't have anything to hide from. I just want all the J-landers to know that. :o) I have a few more scripts from the Bible to share. "The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. For the wicked boasteth of his heart's desire, and blesseth the covetous, whom the LORD abhorreth. The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.....Psalm 10:2-4....Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both....Proverbs 27:1-3 God bless all of you! :o)


faithbeliever6 said...

I'm so sorry. This is the second time I've read your site. Some peop;e can be sooo mean. I'm glad you have your child close by. I'll pray for you.

dianneclewien said...

I am so glad that your daughter is trying to shield you as much she can from all the nastiness. She is going to turn out to be your rock.
I have a question about your meds for you but will send it in a private email. I may another idea for you there.
Keep up with the writings I do so enjoy reading them.
Your friend in Oklahoma

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thank you both for your comments. :o)