Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Patience and understanding
Here's something to keep in mind as you go through this hectic day.
The person who benefits most from your patience is you.

Yes, you'll come across many people who are rude, annoying and self-
centered. But does it really serve any positive purpose for you to
sink to their depths of negativity?

Instead, take the opportunity to rise to a higher level of
peacefulness and understanding. Take the opportunity to practice and
strengthen your patience.

Patience and understanding will take you to places where anger,
frustration, confusion and anxiety can never reach.

Patience and understanding put you in a position of real power and

Practice patience, and you will build real strength. Live with
patience and understanding, and a whole new world of valuable
opportunities will open up to you.

There's nothing to be gained by reacting to rudeness and anxiety with
more rudeness and anxiety of your own making.

Respond instead with patience and understanding, and you'll make your
world a much better place.

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