Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A very rewarding day!

Yesterday was a great day!!!! It was one of the most painfull days for me with my back pain. I finally seen the arthritis specialist, and I really liked him! He really seems to be on top of things! :o) He took me off of one medicine and put me on a new medicine just for the arthritis! :o) I see him again in 4 weeks for results of the blood tests I had as well. I was to meet my new home health aid yesterday, and got home in time. She was a bit late....but I really like her a lot! Before she left, we were talking about some things that I could be on to get my medical needs met. I will deffintitly check into them...she says that I could use a lot of thing to help me in my everyday life to help ease my pain. Cool....I'm going to see! :o) After she had left...I got a phone call from Advanced Medical Equiptment letting me know that I was approved for my electric wheel chair!!!!! YESSS!!!! :o) God hears my prayers! I have been blessed everyday of my life! Getting the negative people out of my life, things just have been falling into place! :o) I prayed and thanked Him for the blessing! :o) I will be getting it within 3 weeks! :o) I can't wait! I know how much this is really going to help me and the back pain so very much! :o)
I had the best Mother's Day as well! :o) I was gifted by being able to see family! :o) It has been so long since I've seen so many of them! Of course...I took many pictures! :o) We also had our grandbaby spend the night on Saturday! That was so much fun! Saturday was my husbands birthday, and the Sunday Mother's Day...so we both had a precious gift that night! :o)

Today...all I have planned it to get more rest. And my grandson has to go back to the hospital to get his stitches out. It doesn't look like there will be a big scare! :o) Whew! :o)
God bless all of you! And have a wonderful day! :o)
P.S. Please forgive me while I'm working on putting photos in my journal....I'm still learning! :o) I want to thank "you know who" for all the help! :o)


sugarsweet056 said...

Graphics look great! You did it!!! WOO HOO!
Cheers on the elect wheel chair, I have one...got it a couple yrs ago, it's wonderful for the days I'm in too much pain to walk.
Glad you're feeling good! :)

shelt28 said...

Glad you found a Dr. you like. That is half the battle. I hope he can help you with your pain.