Wednesday, May 3, 2006


I've been going through a lot this past few days...not only with my pain but with the people that live in my neighborhood. I can't even put it all into words to what they heve done and said to me and my best friend and her daughter. And why? I've never in my life met people that act like this...feel that they can talk to you in any way they want, and think that it's ok, and if you happen to have a problem with it, then you are the one in the wrong...and they "punish" you in such a way that hurts so bad. In my last entry, I was writing about a show my husband and I had watched, and she automatically thought I was talking about her. No. And I still don't know why she thought this. Unless she was having guilt feelings. They say that they have God in their heart and have strong faith in the Lord. But their actions say something very different. I woke up to a very nasty email yesterday, and I don't know why she even wrote such a thing. It hurt me pretty bad. Let me tell you, the God that I have in my heart and have my faith in wouldn't agree with any of this at all. I'm not a mean person, I don't pose a threat to anyone, and I set no traps for anyone, and I'm not an evil spirirt as I've been told by her. This is the letter that I got.... All Christianity Aside,
How Dare you....... You are nothing but a LIAR !!!! YOU
responsibility to make sure your ASS is taken care of
or even helped when you won't get off your sorry ass
to help yourself. How much lumber(for a ramp)or food
for your best friends children do you think you could
buy for a carton of cigarettes, how much disability
access could you provide with a weeks worth of 12
packs. You have some nerve to think WE would EVER or
should ever help you when all you do is squander your
money. My way of life is the way it is because I GIVE
BACK TO THE LORD. I don't donate unwanted things to
charities or used books I no longer want, and consider
that giving. When was the last time you tithed????? No
matter what you say or do your simply jealous of what
happens when your love for GOD is stronger than your
love for "WHAT ABOUT ME".
STUPIDITY. I have met several people here in Piqua -
kind,generous people who think of someone else other
than them selves, but never in my life have I ever met
anyone like you.
Don't bother to comment in your journal (it will be
non effective) or send an e-mail (it will be deleted)
I think you have said enough, I wash my hand of this

How am I suppose to react to that? Or feel? And it was written because of the last entry. The day that I wrote that entry, my doctor called and wanted me to come in as soo as possible to talk to me about my blood tests. I told him that I had an appointment today at 8:00. He said ok, that would work. So, with having that on my mind and what I've been thinking about with my health and my future, I get something like this. I don't get that fact why some people thrive on just plane being out right mean to some one and thinking that it was God's will to do so. That what they've done has put them further on His path! I had written in another journal that I have about them and how can they be this way, and that in this small town we live in people just don't act that way. At least I've never come across anyone like this. I wonder sometimes what God they are worshiping. There has been so much more that has went on as well that I can't fit in this journal. They aren't from around here, they lived states away, and she said that if people like me would act like I do, would be shot! And now, after a nasty mess that happened last night, they are gloating and once again, putting me down. I have her blocked from everything. I had my daughter do it for me so that I know it will work this time. I can't take any more of this game playing of hers. What has happened in the past few days...."It's not funny!" For some reason they think it is. I'm hurting worse then I was, and shaken by it. I know Dianne kind of knows what I'm dealing with. Not a good situation. And I thank you for understanding me. God bless all of you and gentle hugs. :o)


akapussnboots said...

Have to say it is the first time that I have ever heard a "christian" talk the way that I was talked to by them last night. Yes I said some things also but then again I dont claim to be able to walk on water.  They cast stones and expect the world to smile on them. It just isnt right, I guess at least once in everyones life we are face to face with evil, guess my time came last night!

seraphoflove9001 said...

I'm so sorry that that happened last night. I is evil for the way the do treat others. And they say that I'm an evil spirit?

misswings60 said...

All I can say about this neighbor of yours is that, if's she thinks she is being a Christian buy acting and saying the thing's she say's to you and you friend well I don't understand what kind of Christian that is. I believe that God is good,kind and a forgiving God not a vendictive God, and that's the way your niehgbor is acting. I just don't understand how anyone could talk to you that way or treat you that way. This of yours just dosen't know real you,and how caring and loving of a person you really are. And I thank God every day of my life for Him sending you to me. You are and will always be my very special angel. No what anybody else thinks Only God can judge. And who among us has never sinned let them cast out the first stone,until then,God will handle it. I love you Baby.

dianneclewien said...

OMG Lisa, get that cholestrol down as quickly and safely as you can. You are definetly in heart attack and stroke range with those numbers.
As for Miss K she professes to be a Christian but in reading her letter to you, she does not sound like one. I believe if you donate to the library or to any kind of charity with what ever is needed that you no longer want or need is greatly appreciated by those organizations. Not all of us have a lot of money to give so we help out in other ways. As for the tithing, that is something I was raised to believe in, but as I have grown older I really don't think that it's necessary to tithe to a church as proof that you are a Christian. Christianity begins in the heart and in people's actions.
I do not personally know you, but from reading your journal and speaking to you on the phone I can't help but think you are a very giving person. And you're right in thinking your ramp will be finished in God's time not your's, because it will. We have suffer lots of pains and sorrows sometimes but with faith God will bring us through it. Keep the faith in this matter and try not to let her get to you. Hopefully, they will move soon and you won't have to worry over her ever again.
As for understanding your situation, I do indeed, except that mine is with family. The way I deal with them is to ignore them and go on with my life as if nothing is wrong. And, you know what, I feel better for it wach and every day.
We can't afford to let other people pettiness get us down.
Hang in there and do the very best that you can with the stress in your life.
Your friend in Oklahoma.

seraphoflove9001 said...

Boy do I know! professing to be one and acting like one are two different things! I still haven't done anything for the actions that took place this week. She thought that I wrote about her in this journal when I didn't, then wrote another nasty comment, and took it from there. isn't nice that she can say what I donate is unwanted. How so? I do other donations as well that I just didn't write about. I agree...tithing is only giving to the church to help the pastor and the bills, it's not giving to the poor and helping with food for so many other people. I'm not at all downing tithing, but that is what it is because I asked my preacher and thats what he told me! And for all of the people and my friends that actually do know me, I'm not a bad or evil person! I don't go out of my way to hurt someone. I don't know how they can sleep at nights knowing what they've done. Very sad. I honestly thought we were friends again up until her nasty comment. but I don't need friends like that. She never took the time to get to know me. Thank you Dianne...I talked to my family last night about my future and I will be getting a will set up as soon as I can. And I need to keep as much stress OUT of my life as possible. I'm trying. :o)

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, I ca'nt sleep either, I was reading some of your older journal entries and I was stunned by what a mean bitch that neighbor of yours is to say such mean and nasty comments to you ! You are so sweet and kind and good !!!!!! That is why I wanted all of my online friends to meet you, because you are a great person and you have so much warmth to offer !!!!!!!!!! I think your neighbor is jealous of you and she sounds really heartless and cruel, what goes around comes around, she will get hers , Hugs to you my sweet friend Lisa