Sunday, November 26, 2006


Good morning! :o) I hope that everyone had a good day and night! :o)
I've been out of my medicine, so I've been taking my herbs and vitamins, like I was berfore I seen my doctor. Right now, I'm not seeing or feeling any different then I was yesterday. I don't understand this at all.
My best friend called me last night to see if she could borrow my wheel chair for her mom, because she was let out of the hospital! :o) I do hope thats a good thing. So, that meant that I got to see my best friend for a few minutes last night! YAY! :o) It's been weeks! She told me that she thinks what I have is "hoof and mouth!" eeewww! Geesh...enough of these gross diagnosis! LOL :o) She looked at the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands. She told me to keep an eye on them, and it I see any white spots on them, I need to get to the er fast! Plus, it's very contagious! She said if thats what I do have, then the medicine the doctor gave me wouldn't help. Well, it didn't help. Great! So...I'm still down and cold. Resting under my heating blanket. Good Grief! If I could get my immune system up, maybe that could help. I don't know...because I've been taking those vitamins. So, it should be up. :o)  Something else to make you go hmmm! :o)

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to see the arthritis specialist. Thats just a follow up visit. But do not feel up to the long ride to see him.
Today, my grandson is now 18 months old! YAY! :o) It sure doesn't seem like it! :o) Well, it doesn't seem like my kids should be as old as they are either! lol :o)
Last night, it was just my husband and I. :o) Boy was it quite! We both missed all the noise! LOL :o) Especially one in particular thats about 2 foot and runs a lot! Has blonde hair and has beautiful blue eyes! LOL :o) They went to Xenia to her boy friends families get together and then stayed the night. :o)
My husband is having problems with sleeping now. :o( He sleeps like I do. :o( I am worried. He works to much and too hard to not get his sleep. Something could happen to him at work. :o( I don't want that to happen! :o( I wish he would listen to me and get checked. he's stubborn. It has to be his idea before he'll do anything. Men! Geesh!
I really want to thank everyone that prayed for my best friend and her mom! :o) They are both doing so much better now! :o) Thank you! :o)
I put my adorable award on my side bar that Debbie made me! :o) Thank you so much...I love it! :o)
Oh....I want to add something. I was informed by email about something in another's journal. I've never recieved email from this person before. And it will be the last, I already made sure of that. But I guess it was something about me and then the link was added. Thats all I needed to see, was just the link. I didn't even go to it. Please, stop what ever it is/was that this anonymous person sent to me. The words, jealous, meanspirited, judgmental, extinguish, the past, are all I can remember. If you DO have something you want to say to me, and please, not in your journal, email me please. I'm not those words. It was very hurtful to me to read that. This has to end.
I want to thank you all for you encouraging emails and comments! :o) God dose bless all of us! :o)


my78novata said...

I really dont know why ohters have to do and say hurtufl things. Im so sorry you got hurt.I sure hope adn pray your sores get better. try the peroxil see if it helps

pharmolo said...

Hope your husband will be better soon, and that also applies to you of course. Better ask for a large supply of painkillers, or a review of the lot. I don't get the impression that they are much more use than a chocolate teapot.
I don't know what lies behind other people's nastiness, I just hope they turn their energy into something positive and leave you in peace.


tellsg said...

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be so small minded either.  Take no notice and forget it.  I think sometimes they enjoy the attention.  Have a great day today.  Terry x

sugarsweet056 said...

Hard to believe some people say bad things about others. My Mother always believed in "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." Bless her soul. She brought me up believing that too.
Hugs, Sugar

katie39041 said...

I am so sorry somebody has been mean and cruel, we dont need people like that here in Jland. I hope your hoof and mouth works out not to be, would that be the same has our foot and mouth? Kids do grow so fast, its a shame they have to grow up lol, Any way i hope the rest of your weekend is pain free ish the ish is for the pain that i know your in and can not be eased. take care
love and hugs
katie x

cacklinrosie101 said...

Lisa, it amazes me that others need to belittle people in their journals.  Nobody is perfect.  Some need to look in the mirror.  LOL...hoof and mouth disease is the "old time" phrase for thrush.  My 88 year old mother still calls it that.  It's very prevalent in day care centers because kids get it a lot and it is contagious.  

Do you think maybe the herbs are taking over for your medicine?  HUGS  Chris

kamdghwmw said...

I sometimes like the sound of nothing, but after a while I do miss all the noise that my children make.

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, I'm sorry you stil are'nt feeling well, I hope your thrush gets better soon, Happy Birthday to your beautiful grandson !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry some meanie is still bothering you, you do'nt deserve to be hurt :( You are an amazing lady, Big Hugs Lisa

newmomtobe2001 said...

I hope your mouth gets better soon my  son had thrush when he was a baby and it seemed to take forever to clear up. I can't stand mean spirited people and your right if someone has something to say they should just say it to you love vicky

siennastarr said...


mrsmasonater2005 said...

Hi Lisa,
sorry i havent popped by recently i have been concentrating on my studies and neglecting my laptop in the process ha ha.  Im sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell, thrush can sometimes linger, you may need some more nystatin (if thats what you had?) if you had it for a while before you saw the doctor you may need a double wammy to free you of it. Try to keep your mouth cool as well with cold drinks as thrush thrives in warm moist enviroments.  Also sorry to hear somebody has been unkind to you. Take care xx nicky xx

queeniemart said...

What the hell is wrong with the crazies in J Land going around and talking shit about you?
tell them to get a life or get the hell out of this journaling community.
If you get any worse, PLEASE go to the ER. I always worry about you.

merry1621 said...

Lisa, honey, you know you cannot help control what other people do. And there are some mean spirited folks out in our world. Thank God, there are more good than bad ones, but still.  There' s nothing you can do about what other people say, do or think.  Except maybe protect yourself from them.  You don't need their verbal or mean spirited attacks.  I feel bad when you are hurt.  I know you are like me, very sensitive.  Gee, I hope you'll go see your arthriits doctor even if you don't feel like it....Don't worry about what friends say you have.  Unless they are people that have training.  Hoof and mouth is not very likely...but then I'm no expert.   Take care, my friend.  Merry

nelishianatl said...

Somebody is talking about you?  Let me know.  I'm catching up on alerts and am behind on information.  Just know I still think about you and still care about you and your family alot.