Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning to my J-Land friends! :o) Happy Thanksgiving! :o)
Yesterday I decided to put in 2 of my favorite remedies that I've used. I love them and they really work. :o) I also have recipes for herbal teas as well. :o) Well, I have a lot of things. :o) Once of these days, I'll put more up to share. :o) I've used them all, and I would not post anything that I wouldn't have ever used before. :o)
Well...My physical therapist came on Monday and did it hurt! It brought me to crying. I hurt that badly. She came again yesterday morning, and of course it hurt even worse because of she was hitting all of the same spots that she got on Monday! Again...I cried! YEOUCHIE! I really had a hard time moving around because of the pain I was in afterwards. I had so much to get done yesterday as well. I thought to myself, how? My son and his girlfriend was here and my daughter and her fiance was here for a bit, they had to go to the store to pick up a few things and do their own errands. I had to rest before I could do anything at all. Even move. My son cleaned the house for me, and got things ready in the kitchen for me. :o) I finally felt "ok" enough to stand up. I made it to the kitchen and started in. My son got the pies in the oven. I started with the dressing. I got the chicken broth going on the stove and my son chopped up the onion for me. His girlfriend helped me with the celery. :o) I made 2 pans of dressing. :o) As soon as pies got done, the green bean casseral went in that my son made, the his dessert he made. Then my dressings. :o) Whew! :o) He did the dishes for me as well and moped the floor too! :o) I made candied yams, and when the dressing was done, they got put in the oven. It was such a busy day! :o) The day before always is for me. :o) Thats when I do all the cooking, :o) Then I put foil over everything, put it in the fridge, and just basically heat it up today! :o)
I was so weak and so tired and worn out. I had to lay down, my feet and legs were swollon. So, I did. I got up, and back to the kitchen I went. By this time, it was getting late and super time. We ate, and I got back to work. After everything was done, then it was time to put the turkey in the oven. :o) I bake it all night, and on low heat. Then by the time I get up, it's almost done. :o) I asked my husband if he called get the turkey in for me becuase I was ready to pass out! No lie! Of course he would, he has always helped me with that, and knows what to do. Whew! :o) The last thing I remember is coming in here and getting in bed! I must have just dropped! I actually got 6 hours! YESSS! :o) I really needed that for today! :o)
So, this morning....oh boy am I sore and in a lot of pain! But, thats ok. :o) My husband and I are the only ones up, and we basted and took the foil off the turkey and it's almost done! :o) Here within the hour, the dressing will be put in the oven to finish cooking. :o) Then, when my son gets up, he's making the mashed potaotes and and dinner rolls. :o) Then, I finish up all the rest of the little things like deviled eggs and such! :o) It will all be ready around 1:00! It always has been every year! :o)
I thanked my whole family for all of their help, because if they could help me, none of this could or would have gotten done! :o) But....I also thank God! Because if it weren't for Him and His love and my faith in Him, I wouldn't have had all of that energy that I had yesterday at all! :o) And God is the one that I do thank for all of my blessings! I feel His Hand holding me up! :o) What a great feeling that is! :o) That IS what I'm thankful for! :o)


queeniemart said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Ohioian...LOVE, lj

my78novata said...

hope today is great for you and happy T day to you

katie39041 said...

I hope you have a lovely meal, im sorry you are in a great deal of pain today. take it easy my dear friend you have plenty of willing helpers.
happy thanksgiving
love and hugs
katie x

sugarsweet056 said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Try & take it easy & enjoy the day! Prayers & hugs your way.
Blessings, Sugar

millieukgirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving  to you and yours Lisa...Millie :)

pharmolo said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa - you done well with all those preparations for today

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, Happy Thanksgiving to you, hoping you have a wonderful pain-free day, Hugs Lisa

kamdghwmw said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your and may you have a blessed holiday season.

adlessor said...


sneezy7125 said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving without any pain.
Take care!


z7snowflake said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

tellsg said...

I hope you have a wonderful day, it is good that all your family pulled together to make it so.  I hope you are feeling better today.  Hugs.  Terry x

therealslimemmy said...

yummm all sounds soo good.
hope you had a good thanksgiving and are feeling better
<3, emily