Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nothing in particular

Good mornig! :o) Yes, I got up early once again! :o) I even went to bed late for! oooohhh! lol :o) I haven't stayed up that late in awhile! :o)
My husband is up as well. He isn't feeling very well either. I feel so bad....because I can't do anything to help him. Something didn't set right in his stomach yesterday.
I tried to put the video up of my son, and I can't. :o) I can't figure it out...the next time my daughter gets another one, I'll upload it to youtube. :o) Then I know how to do it that way! :o) I did find some of the photos that she took at the last place they played at. :o) Since he's the drummer, he's going to always be in the back, and it's hard to get a good shot of him. :o) But she did a good job! :o) And even got a photo of him making a face at her while getting a photo of him! LOL Geesh, just because they're older doesn't mean that they're going to stop acting like that! LOL Too funny! :o)

I am having a few problems with my legs this morning. I get up and they want to lock up on me, and they also don't want to move! I don't know what to do when this happens. I just stand there and wait until the feeling kind of leaves enough so I can walk a bit. It started last night, I felt it coming on, so I walked to try and keep my legs as limber as possible. I'm still doing that, but they are wore this morning. Geesh! Just stand and wait is all I can do. It also seems to me that my body is more numb then it has been. I wonder if it will go totally numb? Well, it's because of my back deteriorating and the spurs and tumors and then they come down on my nerves. So, thats going to happen sooner or later.
I had said some thing in my journal entry yesterday about if people say they're happy every single day of their lives, then they're kidding themselves! :o) No one is like that! LOL And if you keep telling people that you are, who are you trying to convince, me or you?! LOL :o) Most likely; You! :o) Sure I'm happy, but what I'm talking about is the people that come across to you that tell you how happy they are because of this and that, and if you do this or that, then you will be so happy every single day and have no worries ever again in your entire lives! Well, In my dysfunctional like...I see it that I'm happy and so are the rest of my family and we put the "fun" in dysfunctional! LOL :o) Yes, I read my Bible and I pray and worship God, and I have great days and good days and bad days because I'm human and I live in reality. Thats all. :o) I used to know someone that actually is like that. :o) Didn't convince me through the fakeness! I am very happy with my life right now! But to see or hear someone talk like a broken record about the same thing over and over's like, who are you still trying to convince?
Yesterday, my daughter and her fiance were in the newspaper for their engagement. :o) YAY! :o) LOL They left out her fathers name! lol :o) It's so beautiful! Of course, I have to cut it out and save it! :o) I'm so proud of her accomplishments! As well as I am with my sons! :o) My daughter and her fiance and my grandson, went down to Bellbrook yesterday for his families Thanksgiving dinner. They were having it early because Nena has a very big family! LOL So she's pretty much booked up for a few weeks! :o) She aced her tests yesterday! YAY! So glad and proud! I asked her if she could bring it home so I could put it on the refriderator! LOL She just said, "Mooooouuuuummmm!" LOL :o) Well...I had to say it! LOL They came home late last night, so I can't wait to see them and my grandson! :o) I need a big hug and kiss from him! :o)
Well...all of the sudden, I can feel, for lack of a better word, from my knees down to my feet, are all the way numb! Good Grief! No pins and needle feeling either. gggrrr! So I need to get off of here and try to walk around. Hopefully without falling! :o)
Thank you all so much for you emails and comments! :o) God does bless us every day! :o)


queeniemart said...

Rick's right arm has been numb for days and he says he cant feel a thing but he wont go to the doctor.
I hope today is a good day for you.....worries me when you have troubles with your legs. Wow, your daughter is putting her engagement in the paper! I bet you remember when you did that. Remember, i love you.

PS-Have you heard from Ang? I am WORRIED ABOUT HER!

luddie343 said...


my78novata said...

I havent had much sleep in a week at all less than my usual. GOSH GIRL if I got to bed at 10 that woudl be early ealry for me. midnight is my early bed time and I get up at five no matter what. but usually like you saw last night Im up and cant sleep earlier than that. Sometimes I wake at one some at two some at three.
I sure hope your legs get better. and your hubby over his tummy problem. I think racahel is going to have to go to the chiropractore again this wek she got tummy problems that nothing seems to be helping

katie39041 said...

Aww my dear friend. I hope your legs back to you sometime  You cant go anywere without them. sorry, just me trying to make you smile. My legs were diving round the bed last night, They was jumping for england lol. I hope you have a lovely day, give that grandson of your a kiss from katie, lol
love and hugs

pharmolo said...

Hope the feeling in your legs returns soon. Your sleep patterns are all over the shop - hope hubby gets better soon.

kamdghwmw said...

I hope you and hubby feel better soon.

sugarsweet056 said...

Hoping you feel better as the day goes on, hope hubby feels better too. I'm down with the Flu. GRRR as if I don't have enough to deal with. LOL
Have a blessed day.

therealslimemmy said...

hope you get the video to work.
and your husband feels better.
how are your legs now? any better?  
take care

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, Hope your husband feels better soon, I am worried about your legs going numb, that must be soooooooo scary !!!!!!!!!!!! Tell your daughter "Congrats" for the engagement, Hugs Lisa

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dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
You have such a great attitude.
Hope your legs stop going numb on you, that is scary.
Enjoy your grandson today!
Love you,

inafrnz247 said...


astra1547 said...

Hope you feel better soon Lisa!


am4039 said...


z7snowflake said...

I hope ur legs feel better soon

gehi6 said...

Boy, all this numbness doesn't sound too good.  I don't feel I have anything to complain about the few aches and pains I have got.  I guess we treasure them, no matter how little they are.  And hold them up to the light and polish them.  Makes you wonder why there is such a difference in the amount of affliction people have to stand. Well, you do have a good attitude.  It is always bracing to read how you are handling everything.   Gerry    

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I hope your legs are better!!!! Will be keeping you in my prayers!  Hugs,TerryAnn