Wednesday, November 29, 2006

~My day~

Good Morning! Still not feeling much better. Still think I'm coming down with something else. Blah! My grandson had a doctors appointment as well yesterday around the same time as mine. He's doing great! Whew! lol Then, as I did, we both started getting a cough and a runny nose! I was in bed under my heating blanket keeping warm all day. And the both of us weren't this way when we were at our appointments! Dosen't that figure? Of course! After work, my husband went to the store and picked up my maalox and vitamin B Complex for me. And my grandson some tylenol. God bless him! I don't like to see him like heart really goes out to him. :o( He can just rest in bed with grandma today. :o) I'll give him my calculater, and I'll keep the controls, and we can watch tv. together! :o)

My home health aid will be coming today. That will be so nice. ;o)
I still haven't been able to go Christmas shopping yet. Not much time left. Last night, my daughter and my grandson decorated the Christmas tree and my son put some lights out back on the deck. Tonight he's going to put lights out front for me. :o) It looks nice and Christmasy! :o) I still have things and ornaments from when the kids were in kindergarden! It's cute to see them and to put them on the tree! :o)
Well....I didn't sleep much last night. I woke up every hour it seemed like. Too much on my mind still. It will get worked out.
I'm getting off of here now. :o) I need to do a few things. And thank you all so very much for your emails! If you only knew how much they do help me! :o) And please know that God does bless you every day! :o)


my78novata said...

sure hope you get better soon love your graphics

queeniemart said...

I am missing some of your alerts..DAMN AOL!!

We dont have the tree up yet...dont feel bad...we dont have many gifts bought and no money..dont feel bad!!
I hope your grandson is feeling better.

pharmolo said...

Hope you feel better soon, Lisa

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, hope both you and your grandson feel better soon, both of you take it easy today, Big Hugs Lisa

siennastarr said...


xxroxymamaxx said...

Hi Lisa.  I have done any shopping yet either and still don't have my tree up.  Did put out a few decorations though.  I wish you a happy day!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

katie39041 said...

My christmas gifts to you would be, a pain free day and a goodnights sleep, if only i could deliever these 2 gifts,I have no trimmings up and no pressies bought, but im not going to panic, if i have not got them we do without, yeah right lol
love and hugs

springangel235 said...

I still haven't started my shopping, was to have done some of it by now...but no!
I do pray, you feel better soon...your a very special person to us...please take care...many hugs and love,

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sure hope you aren't getting cold and flu symptoms on top of everything else.  How nice your kids decorated.  I also keep ornaments from years ago.  I love them.  HUGS  Chris

sneezy7125 said...

Aww, that's so cute that you still have all your kids' old Christmas ornaments. What a great time it must be to look back on all of them and hang them on the tree.

I do hope you're not coming down with anything, you can't be sick for the holidays! Get some rest, don't let it get you down. :-)

I'm sorry for not being around AT ALL lately... lots of things goin on, you know.


astra1547 said...

Hi Lisa...

I do hope you feel better soon...Best wishes!


dca721 said...

Hi  Lisa,
Your not alone...I haven't started shopping yet either.  That's because my son's birthday was just on Saturday and had been shopping for's such a hectic time.
Sorry that you and your grandson are mean he will actually just rest with you at his age?? lol  Good luck on that one!
Hope you feel better.

chat2missie said...


newmomtobe2001 said...

aw sorry, you aren't feeling well. feel better soon and kisses to your grandson and hope he feels better soon too :) love vic