Saturday, November 18, 2006

~Thats life~

Good morning! :o) Yes, this morning is much better! Whew, and I'm glad too! :o) Thank you for your prayers as well! :o) Everything is back to normal once again! :o)
I hope I didn't offend anyone, I was upset, and forgot to put my rant in my private sorry about that. But, thats life! :o) No one lives a perfect life anyway! LOL :o) If they think they do, then there's something majorly wrong, and they're hiding something! LOL :o)
Well, I got up at 1:30 this morning. Got my 4 hours in! Thats good! :o) For some reason, I am really sore this morning. My sides are hurting, and I can feel these little muscle cramps. There's a lot of them on both of my sides. It could have been the way I slept, who knows! The same with my upper arms! They are killing me as well. I thought about wearing my sling, but they both are hurting, so I can't do that. I'll come up with something to do for them. I'm glad it's Saturday, which means my husband is home. :o) He'll help me out when I need it. :o) And from the way I'm feeling, I'm going to need it today! :o)
Last week, my son played in his band again, and my daughter went and took more pictures again! :o) I was going to put them on here in this entry, but...I forgot to look for them, because my daughter used her camera and I don't know where they are! LOL I'll have to go looking for them! I want to try and get a video of him, and try to put it on here! :o) He really is a very good drummer! He is self taught, and doesn't know how to read music, and when in school he wanted to be in the band in elementry, they told him no, because he was too far advanced! :o) And all he did was play on his own set of drums we got him at home! :o) He can hear a song 1 time, and then play it! I'm very proud of him! Even though it might not be the type of music I wouldn't listen to, He's still good and I like to watch him! :o)
And it looks like my grandson is following in his footsteps as well! lol He's doing the samethings as my son did when he was a baby too! My mom got him a drum set for his first birthday, and he does play it! :o) My son shows him how to hold the drum sticks, and then he goes to town on them! LOL And my son has a set in the basement that he practices on, and my grandson wants to go down and play on those too! So, he lets hims, and shows him how to do it, and he just loves it! :o) So, I think my grandson just might be like his Uncle! lol :o) Which I'd love to see! :o)
Well....I'm going to make a turkey for Thanksgiving! :o) Thats the easy part for me to do. I'm also going to make homemade dressing as well. Maybe a few pies too. :o) Other then that, I'm going to need help on! :o) Also, Thanksgiving will be our 2 year aniversary feels like we've lived here a lot longer then that! LOL Although, this summer went by a lot faster then last summer! :o) So, it's like 2 celabrations on 1 day! :o)
My daughter and I had a very good talk yesterday. She has an appointment to try on wedding dresses on the 6th I think it is. We're both excited about that! :o) And of course, I can't go without my camera! lol :o)
I need to do a few things, so I need to get off of here for now, :o)
I really want to thank you all for all of your supportive emails and comments! :o) And God bless all of you!


jeanno43 said...

Hope you feel better soon. I have been under the weather myself lately.

katie39041 said...

I have never thought to wear a sling when my upper arms and shoulder hurt, if it gives you some relief go for it. now lol.. My son saw a drum kit in the second hand shop near us, oh well every time its mammmm!!!!! no is on my lips before the first m is out of his mouth lol.How lovely a wedding and your daughters at that. now thats just what you need, it will keep you occupied and you will not feel too down and something to look forwards to. Remember a bit at a time and dont get frustrated if you need a rest.
love and gentle hugs
katie x

kamdghwmw said...

It is often good to have a good vent! I know that if i did not vent in my journal, then I might vent on someone else.

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, hope you feel a little better today, too cute about your grandson playing the drums , I ca'nt wait to see your pictures, have a blessed day, Hugs Lisa

my78novata said...

I need ot get my turkey day stuff in order. I d love to see pics of the band and of your daughter in a  wedding dress.

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
You are right, anyone who acts as though their life is full of it!
I have a friend like fact should be time for her Christmas news letter anytime now.  She sends out this typed thing about all their family accomplishments for the's pretty amusing, how she lays it on so thick.  I saw her this summer, she's out of state now, and all she did was complain about her husband, which leaves me wondering, why the phony Christmas letter??
How exciting about your daughter and the dresses.
Sounds like your son has a God given talent, that is awesome.
Have a great weekend.

z7snowflake said...

im glad ur feeling better. *hugs*

chat2missie said...


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sneezy7125 said...

Never apologize for rants. It's your journal, you can write whatever you want to, no matter what you're feeling, and we'll understand.
Glad to hear you're feeling better, enjoy your weekend!


queenb8261 said...

Sounds like today was a little bit better today. I hope things turn out for the best,  Love that your grandson is a little drummer.  You'll have to get some photos.  My son is self taught on the guitars.  He writes some music also.  He can play nearly anything by ear.  
Ahhh, shopping for wedding dresses.  Been there. Is your daughter having a large wedding? When our daughter got married they planned on just going to the JP.  We talked her out of it but she still wanted a small intimate affair.  So there is a lovely white gazebo on the lawn of the courthouse &  they had it there. Very nice. Easy to decorate.  Cozy. Just what she wanted.  Unfortunately,the guy turned out to be the loser we )hubby &I) thought  
Tahe care