Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just a quick update. When my nurse came today, she asked me if I had gotten the blood test results back yet. I told her that I had been calling and the 'run around' I ketp getting. I called while she was here, again I was getting no where. As soon as my nurse heard what I was saying, she asked me if she could talk to them. She knew that they had to have it back by now because she said its only about an hour and the test is done then they will get my results. After my nurse was done on the phone, the test result was there and it was 3.9. My potassium test. I think I got the numbers right, but it may be just a hair too low, I'm doing great and will be able to have more lasix's. I shout be getting those on Monday. She listened to my lungs. She heard the water. My body is swelling more. I've gained 4 pounds! She told me to wear my oxygen as much as I can. I have it on right now. I really like my nurse, she's a great person. She has made up a medicine thingy for me to just give to my doctors. I put it in a plastic paper sleeve to protect it. Then she handed me probably 1/8's worth from a ream of paper. She told me that it was information about all of my medicines, even the 'take as needed' ones. She said that since she was a nurse, she has access to get information that you can't fine on the internet or from a pharmacy. Boy did I thank her! How sweet was that. :o) As she was leaving...she bent down and told me that if I need her to always call, day or night. Maybe I freaked her out when I was talking to her, and I lost it and could barely talk to her. She said that she understood and thats what really helps when others can understand. Yes....I am having a melt down! Too much too soon! And being able to feel and hear the water in my lungs is scary to me. I'll get over this, just bare with me. wrote a lot more then I thought. lol ooppss! :o)
I took my last Dorvocet to try to take the edge off  so I can go back to bed and try it again. :o)

"The change we are looking for is always a change within ourselves. And the change will come. I've noticed that as long as I'm willing to be different, something or someone arrives to show me how."



dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I am glad that you have a nurse that you feel comfortable talking with, that makes all the difference.
I haven't been online much lately.
My neice Jen died suddenly on Feb 25 at age 26, we are heart broken, she was so happily married, beautiful inside and out, smart, and had it all.
We will miss her so much.
Lately I haven't felt much like being on line, but I think of you often.

trishaham said...

Sweet Dreams.


imgr8phil said...

It's good that she was able to help you.  I hope she means what she said about being able to call her whenever you need her.  Have a good Friday.


emabecmar said...

I'm so glad you finally have a nurse who is nice and understanding. Hope you have a good weekend. (((((hugs)))))))))))

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))I am so glad your nurse was here to help you and you can get mre of your medicine to help you.Have a good day.

queeniemart said...

your nurse sounds like she is very compassionate.


pharmolo said...

I'm pleased you have a nurse who is willing to get things moving on your behalf. One thing though - you can get all information about your medicines (like Lasix) on-line, from the pharmacy as well as herself. A potassium level of 3.9 is fine - it should be above 3.5.

nelishianatl said...

I'm very glad you have the nurse that you do.  We all wish to thank her and give her a big hug for taking such good care of you.  Hoping for you that the Lasix works.