Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kayden and Madia playing basketball

Again, I don't know why my camera is doing this. (only allowing me to record for a certain amount of time) So, I have 3 short video's of the two of them playing.


specialadyfink said...

How cute-Madia was going to trade the stuffed toy for the ball.
Madia sure is a sweet dog-loved the way she knocks the ball back out of the hoop,LOL.Bet they all brightened your day.

swmpgrly said...

how cute

gehi6 said...

I enjoyed watching the videos.  I used to have to play with my grandsons by the hour, throwing baskets into their basketball hoop.  Didn't have a dog to help!  He is so good at playing ball with Kaden.  Gerry