Sunday, March 30, 2008

~Simply Me~

My daughter had a pair of her shorts on when I took these pictures but her baby bellie kind of got in the way! lol :o)

There was a sale going on at Kohls and JCPenny's. My daughter and I went to them. I took my portable oxygen with me. It has 4 hours on them. I'll tell you...I don't think I'll be able to go anywhere by my self. I'm so glad I took it because it really helped my breathing. I'll just have to practic in the house so I'll be able to use it and take it with me solo.

I was beat! Whew! I think that will be enough for me....for awile! :o) I'm so glad that I did get out. I pushed myself but, I'll be alright if I am able to get my rest.
Today was a day that both the MS and the fibromyalgia was really acting up. Yikes! The good news is that I think I've finally figured out what pain is what. :o) The last time that I got "an electrical" shock feeling, I'd have to say that it was the worst one I've ever had. Dh finally seen it and didn't know what was going on. Because like I've said before...these "shocks" make me make a weird noice. Maybe a scream or a grunt, it just depends on how hard the shock feels. This last one made me scream. I'm kind of glad I didn't do that while I was in public. :o)
It's ok with me, because I could care less what other people think when they stare at me. I just don't want to ever emberres my daughter or son.
I'm going for now. Gods Blessings to you all! :o)



katerh99 said...

Lisa, I feel like a first class nag, but....have you talked with your Doc about taking Baclofen? I didn't see it on your list of meds that you wrote about sometime ago.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))I am glad you were able to get out,even thoe you was in pain.I am praying for you.

gehi6 said...

I got to see all the photos on Doc's computer today.  Your daughter does look like you.  I can see it in these closeups!  Glad you got out.  Sometimes it is worth the risk just to get out in the world a little.   Gerry

nolefan38 said...

I love the photo's of your daughter, simply beautiful............. I sent you a e-mail with a question for you.............. thanks............... Sherry

chat2missie said...

Your daughter is beautiful.  It must be really exciting knowing a few days from now, you'll have a new grandbaby.

imgr8phil said...

I must say your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!  Hope you are doing ok.  Take care.


emabecmar said...

she is just beautiful. a few more days? omg time went so fast. ((((((((hugs))))))))

cuteallison1980 said...

I hope you are feeling ok this evening.  Your daughter is very pretty.  I hope that I will look as good when I am pregnant someday.  Have a happy tomorrow. : )


mortonlake said...

 those shocks??   bloody  hurt  dont  they??   been  woken  many times,i normally  get them at  night.  take  care   god bless  mort  xx

sweetestsin52605 said...

Thanks for taking those pictures for me. I really love them. :-)
I had a great time Sunday, even though you wore the both (well all of us out. lol.
Glad you were able to get out of this house. Can we say CABIN FEVER?!?! lol
Love ya

heavenlybama said...

You daughter is so beautiful.  Love th pics!

montoyashrr said...

hello, my name is sherry. i also suffer from cfs. chronic fatigue syndrom, a pinched sciatic nerve. carpel tunnel and depression. by the grace of GOD, I`M getting thru all of this. whats hard ,is i have always carried myself with pride. meaning that i care about wether i have my hair fixed and make-up on. you know .i like to look nice ,but this is also where people get confused. they think that nothing is wrong with you if you are looking good ,well, naturally she must feel fine. this has been hard for people to realize. that i`m in pain on the inside. i do value life. my son matthew was diagnosed with leiukemia when he was6, we fought this for 4 1/2 yrs. he is in remission. than when we got to get back on track with life .my brother was diagnosed with leiukemia. he was told he had it and just 8 hours later, he was gone .that was on sept. 3rd,2002. this was really hard as we were very close. than on june 12, 2005. my 21 yr old son was killed in a motorcycle accident. this has really been the hardest thing that i have ever been thru.i`m disabled so some days all i have is to think about him. i found my son ,so this was a blessing and very painful. i was able to pray with him. on  feb 14, 2008 ,my youngest son matthew was in a head on . thank GOD , he was spared his life.he has a broken femur, but he will live. if i didn`t have GOD in my life ,i don`t know where i would be . i am very greatful for what i have been blessed with . if you should ever need to visit . write to  i know your pain.