Saturday, March 8, 2008


If there's something that confounds you, play with it. Experiment with different options and approaches, without any expectation or agenda other than satisfying your curiosity.

Playing is a superb way to learn and improve. Consider how very many things children learn in their first years of life, and how much of that time they spend playing.

Being overly serious and rigid can bring your creativity to a standstill. Relax, and give yourself permission to play.

Those tasks you enjoy most are the tasks at which you're most effective. Approach your work with a playful sense of delight, and enjoy the experience of improved performance.

Allow yourself the special joy of being curious and playful. Even in the most complicated challenges, there's room for fun.

Play, and be an enthusiastic lifetime learner. Play, and create delightful new value in your world.

-- Ralph Marston


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