Wednesday, February 27, 2008

.....about yesterday

Good morning, I pray that everyone is feeling and doing good!

I went to my doctors appointment. I have a lot of swelling again. When I put my sunglasses on, it was a tight fit, because my face is swollen. I haven't seen this doctor for about a few months, so he didn't know all of the update on my health. So when I told him, he right away looked at my feet and legs. He pushed in on my shins and you can make little dents on them. Well, you can all over my body. He told me to take 2 Lasix's instead of 1 a day, they are 40 mg's! Good Lord! I'll be on the pot all day long! lol :o)~ He also is having me take another sleep test. I don't know when yet. They will call me. I have been doing things at night. When I wake up, through the night, I'm either taking my oxygen off, throwing pillows, and sitting on the side of my bed! Now thats dangerous for me! I really need to keep my potasium up.
When I came home, my daughter told ne that my nurse called and I needed to call her back. She was on a deadline to put my assesment in the computer.
When she came, she checked my temp. and my blood pressure. I have a small temp. it was 99.8. She told me that she needed me to stand up so she can take my blood pressure. It was doing it again, like a few months ago! gggrrr! Then I had to get weighed. She couldn't believe how fast all of this happens. My swelling. My weight is (I can't believe I'm telling this) 198! My normal weight is 174. It feels like I'm carrying bags of potatoes on my whole body. I wish I knew how to explain it better. I'm worse this morning. Bummer. I'm out of breath just sitting here. I've been using my inhaler.
Today, my physical therapist is coming. I already know that it's going to hurt. I use mind over matter. It helps. After that, knowone is suppose to come over. :o) My sinuses are giving me a time. I didn't feel like this yesterday. That figures! :o)
I'm still having a time dealing/coping with the new news. I know that things will get better, meaning that I will be able to 'except' it. I'm still grieving. And confused about the swelling and CHF. Maybe I'm not reading right.
I'm going to rest today of course. Then just take it from there. I know I want to play a few games on Pogo. :o)
I also want to thank you for signing my guest book! :o) It cheered me up! :o)
Thank all of you for standing by me and taking the time to comment! :o)
Everything that I'm having problems with are in God's hands! I know that He only gives you what He thinks we can handle. But I also wish He didn't trust me so much! :o) Kidding! :o) I know I have what I do....there is a meaning. I'll figure it out! :o)
Have a great day!






ukgal36 said...


motoxmom72 said...

Lisa......I know life is difficult.  No clear answers why things are happening.  But keep praying......God is right there with you. (and so are we!)

lanurseprn said...

Get some rest today. Find a good movie, make some tea, and just relax today.

specialadyfink said...

I said it before-life is a bitch-(pardon my lingo) but no matter if God does think you can handle all this-it's just not fair.....your positive outlook makes a difference.. many hugs my lil housemouse :-)

cherry2sweet2eat said...

My face is swollen as well due to the exchange transfusion feel well and enjoy the rest of your day lisa.

kirkbyj05 said...

Lisa just know that we are here for you to off load onto.  It is better if you can talk about it and not keep it all pent up inside.   You are the bravest person I know.  Your determination and strength of will is amazing.  Just rest up and let the pills do their job and soon you will feel lots better. I hope tohear that the welling is down soon.  Doble pills should do the trick.
Take care,
Much love
Jeanie xxx

pharmolo said...

I'm glad the doc has put up your dose of Lasix. Would you believe that can go as high as 500? Keep smiling!

imgr8phil said...

Everytime I read about your day it makes me sad.  No one should have to go through the kind of stuff that you are and you do it like a trooper.  I truly wish the swelling would go down for you and soon.  Take care.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))))))God trusts you because He loves you,just like I do.

jmoqueen said...

keep strong lisa, it must wear you out having to see all these people xx  Hope they call soon for the sleep test, then you can get it out of the way