Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My day...

Today was basically a 'normal' day for me. Nothing bad happened. I'm thankful for that. :o)
My new physical therapist came this morning. Just with the short time that he has been giving me deep tissue massage, I can now put my arms up and lock my elbows! I want to make a video to show just how much he has really helped me. :o) And I practice doing it through the day, along with a few other things. :o) I'm really proud of myself and I really like his appraoch and how very different he is with everything. Obviously it's working too! :o)
When any of the people that come to my house to do/help me, they have to ask me certain questions just to see how I've been doing. I do really like that as well. When Jeff (my new physical therapist) came this morning, before he started...he had to ask questions. Sunday, I was having pains in my chest. It went up the left side of my neck and into my jaw. I was in here in my bed when it was happening. I also got sick and threw up. No, I didn't even write about it and I didn't tell anyone. The Superbowl was on and I really didn't want to bother them with it. Jeff told me that I needed to tell someone and go get help. I knough all of this. But there are times I'd much rather just deal with it on my own. It's hard to explain that, so I won't go into the details.
Well....It was so nice and warm today. It says it's 57 right now. Thats about what it was all day. :o) Right now it's raining. How perfect can it be?! :o) Good sleeping weather! :o) I know, I should be in bed, but can't sleep again. ggrr!
Oh...theres another thing that I'm doing that bothers me. I've noticed this about 3 months now! When I get up, and periadically through the day, I have no idea what day it is. No kidding! Even if I look at my calander, I have to sign on here and look. But then pray that no one asks me. I'll keep repeating it in my head and sometimes that don't work either. It really is frustrating. Oh well...I'm working on that one as well. Everyone knows not to bother asking me what day it is! LOL :o)
When my mom was here for a visit, she helped me to smudge the house! :o) I feel better with it now. :o) As she held the sage and my feather fan to smuge, I prayed in each room. :o) It has been calmer. Whew! :o)
I really had a great time with my mom! I just loved it! I don't get to see her much because sheworks a lot. But when I do see her, it's extra special. :o) She's upset about my heart. Because thats what her parents died of. All of what I have, so did my grandparents! I guess it all skipped my mom and landed on me! LOL I don't want my mom to hurt and have pains. So I'll take it. :o) I think I've been doing pretty good myself. :o) lol I already know I can't spell and write very well! lol But I can still get my message across! :o)~
Well, You all have a great night/day! Welcome new readers! :o)

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kirkbyj05 said...

Lisas please contact your doctor when you get those symptoms like your physio said.  Unless you have a spray to put under your tongue and know how to deal with it that way.  If not then please have it checked out.  I know you have a high pain threshold but these symptoms are warning signs.  Please you must have them seen to my friend.
Worrying about you.
Jeanie xxx

jeanno43 said...

I agree with previous comment.  Pains like that should not be ignored, please see a doctor.