Saturday, February 2, 2008

A little of this and a little of that


Good morning!

Firstly, sorry about the way I ended my last entry. For some reason, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I don't know if I was "picking up" on someone, or if my house was "acting up" again. Either way, both feelings are very close. And yes, I know I'm odd. :o) I'm sensitive and can pick up on things sometimes. Just something I've lived with. Anyway, after I stoped writing and signed off, I felt a bit better.
I was up last night, (the night before) because of the coughing I still have. Thats the reason why I'm up now. A lot of times when I'm either up early or haven't gone to bed grandsons toys will 'go off' as well. Now that gets my attention! I will just say loudly to 'stop!' And it does for awhile. It's a lot like yelling at your kids. Because more then likely, it will start up again. This house is no where near like my house we used to live in. Maybe one day I will write about it and post some pictures that I got from all the years of living there.
After I got off line and just walked around the house, I started to feel better and a clearer mind. I just had to 'shake' it off. Since we've lived here, I haven't been able to smudge the house. Maybe I can get my daughter to do it for me. I know my son would for me as well, but he needs to have his whole heart in it.
Well....yesterday I basically slept the day away. I woke up at 3:00 pm.! I got to bed around 7:00 am. And again, tonight is no different. <sigh> If I could get rid of this nasty cough, I could sleep better. My daughter went to the doctors and they gave her a Z Pack to help her cough. I'm so glad that she isn't coughing like she was. My grandson is starting to feel better as well. When my nurse came yesterday, she tried to call and get ahold of my doctor. They left early because of the nasty weather we're having here. At least she tried. :o) This was a different nurse. My regular one was sick. Everyone is right now.
Well.....I did what I knew I would do! lol I over did myself on Thursday showing everyone what I can do now! :o) Its just been so many years since I could do that! And it feels so good to use those muscles again! :o) I know that I can't take what I have (my illnesses) away, but I can live "with" it, if it can live with me!
Soooo, I was in some pretty bad pains yesterday! :o) But it was sooo worth it to me! It's almost like my brain and my body are trying to work together finally! :o)
My legs, ankles and feet are a bit swollen, but just the 'regular' swollwing. I'm going to just baby myself today so that just incase, they won't go back to the way they were. Like my grandma said when she was alive, (she had congestive heart failure and blood clots in her lower legs) that after the first time of having swollen ankles and feet, it won't take long at all for them to go right back to the way they were. And thats very true. I know today to just rest and baby my legs so the swollening won't come back like it was. If any of this makes sence.
I think I've rambled on enough. :o) Thank all of you for your treasured support! :o)



astoriasand said...

I think its' best you reast just now Lisa.I think it will be best for the swelling.I hope the weeknd proves to be a good one for you.Prayers continueng and Look after yourself.Take care God Bless Kath astoriasand

imgr8phil said...

You make sure to have a good weekend and do what you can to get rid of that persistent cough.


lisa41076 said...

Lisa, have a good weekend, I hope that cough goes ok, Love and Hugs Lisa

dca721 said...

It's cold here!
Hope you feel better.

pharmolo said...

Hardly need to say 'take it easy', Lisa. You're doing as well as you can. And remember - one day you'll dance again.

kirkbyj05 said...

I am so happy that the swelling is going down.  You will be dancing before  you know it.
Your body must need the sleep so just listen to it...and go with the flow.
Take care
Jeanie xxx

jmoqueen said...

Glad your ok xx Would love to hear about your other house.  It sounds quite spooky with your grandsons toys going off on their own.  at least your not scared ;-)


texastames35 said...

hi lisa thank you for sharing , best of wishes and big hugs and many prayers , your grandchilden are cute and so blessed , thier lucky too have you as thier grandmom , your the best , hi childen , big big huugs keep helping yr grandedmom ,and have fun being a kid , stay in school , things will be ok , have a wonderful blessed weeek and week end , have fun watching the supper bowl , go team win , may god bless you all , may the healing and kindness of others be there all your lifes , thiers not  much we can say but we do want you know we are there for you and we are hoping for the best and that he would take you all in his arms and send love , hop e , faith , big hugs and caring every day , keep thinking + and enjoy your day and night , we pray for healing and love and many good things , your welcome thank you , have a wonderful painfree week and yr , help is on its way ! be happy and safe loves you all ,