Wednesday, February 20, 2008

~*~*~*~*Happy Birthday Nena*~*~*~

Happy 23rd Birthday!!!

At 10:59 pm., I gave birth to a baby girl! She was born on Ash Wednesday! :o)

2 hours after the delivery, the doctor came into my room. He told me that he didn't think my baby would make it through the night! I was to call the family to come. All I could think of is NO! My baby girl WILL servive! I ran down to were they were keeping her. I just grabed her right up. I sat in a rocking chair, praying and crying. I would talk to her and sing as well. I was not going to let this happen! She was responding to me! The doctor was amazed at how she was doing. She was born with a 105 fever! She had swollowed some feces while coming out. Bless her. Within an hour, her temp. went down a few degrees and was very alert! I wouldn't stop loving and kissing her and giving her hugs. She made it through the night!!! :o)

So....Can all of you join in and help me celebrate her birthday! :o) My miricle little girl!

......and she does! :o) She can walk into a room and feel her presance! A beautiful light just aluminates from her! :o)
Happy Birthday Nena!



momiscool2 said...

Happy Birthday Nena!
She's lucky to have a mom that loves her as much as you do!

madcobug said...

Happy Bithday Nena. I am glad that she responded to your love that night. Helen

ajquinn354 said...

Here's wishing Nena a beautiful birthday filled with lots of wonderful memories to hold in her heart.  Arlene (AJ)

elmofromoz said...


kirkbyj05 said...

                                       Happy Birthday Nena !

It is so obvious that your Mom loves you to the 'Stars and back again'.
May you both enjoy many many more to come.
Much love
Jeanie xxx

sweetestsin52605 said...

Awww thank you mom!!!!!!
YAY I'm 23!! lol
Love ya

specialadyfink said...

There is nothing as strong as a "MOTHERS LOVE" Happy Birthday Nena!!!
May God Bless and bring you many more Happy days

cherry2sweet2eat said...

aww she is very pretty i dont understand the birth of children because i havent had any but what do u mean she swallowed feces where did she swallow it from from inside of u will u were still carrying her?

labdancer51 said...


chat2missie said...

Happy Birthday to Nena!

imgr8phil said...

Happy birthday to Nena.  Very pretty young lady.


heavenlybama said...

Happy Birthday Nena!

cuteallison1980 said...

Happy birthday to the survivor Nena! : )


dca721 said...

Happy Birthday Nena!
I remember you telling about this last year.
That's the power of Love!
Glad she was such a fighter,
Just like Mom.
Take care.

doclove64 said...


geocachelinda66 said...

Happy Birthday to your Nena!  Linda

pharmolo said...

Happy Birthday, Nena!

motoxmom72 said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nena!!!!!


jmoqueen said...

happy belated birthday Nena xx  Hope you had a good day (((((((((hugs)))))))))))


gehi6 said...

I visited your little family via the video and the birthday girl.  I enjoyed hearing about her birth and I have no doubt that you prayed and willed her back to life with such a serious complication threatening her.  She is a lovely girl!  Gerry