Thursday, February 28, 2008


Good morning! I pray that everyone is doing/feeling good today.

Today is my busiest day of the week. What happens on Thursdays are my nurse comes in at about 11:00 am, my home health aide comes between 12:00 and 1:00, My meals are delivered somewhere between 2 and 5! I realize that this might sound trivial, but what it is, all of the 'waiting.' Because sometimes not everyone is on time. It really does exhaust me. If I need a nap, or to just lay down to rest, I can't.
Wow!!! I think I'm wearing down the carpet to the toilet! LOL Good Lord! And this is only 80 mg's! And Guido said that the doseage can go up to 500! I'd just stay seated on the toilet! :o)~ Again, I got up way to early, so at 3:00, I took the other Lasix for the day. The next dose will be at 11:00. My nurse said to try and space them a bit and not to take them after 4:00 pm.! No way...I'd be up all night! :o) I'm also thankful that I don't have to take a higher dose right now. Whew! It would be nice if I could loose more than the water weight! lol That would be nice...with all of this walking to the bathroom! :o) It doesn't hurt to dream! lol Well, when I do...I wake up too soon! LOL

Yesterday, my daughter and grandson woke up sick again! And it's the samething they both keep getting! The did say on the news that there is a 'string' that wasn't put into the flu shot, and antibiotics aren't helping. I feel so bad for the both of them. I wish there was something I could do to help them. I don't like seeing them this way. Bless them.
I'm going to post the medicines that I take.
*Lunesta 3 mg 1xdy
*Norflex 100mg 1xdy
*Neurotin 600mg 1xdy
*IC Cyclobenzaprine 10mg 3xdy
*Vytrin 10mg 1xdy
*Cymbalta 60 Mg 1xdy
*Lyrica 75mg 2xdy
*Clonazepam 2mg 1xdy
*Relpax 40mg as needed
*Albuterol 90 mcg 2 puffs 4-6 hours.
*Lasix 40mg 2xdy
This is suppose to help me. Some of them do. And it seems to go by week to week.
Yesterday, and it was all day, that electrical shocking feeling I get, was bad! I had pretty much a hard doing things because of it. Its an odd feeling.
Madia is behind me sleeping in my hospital bed! lol She's too cute! :o) Maybe I can try and get a picture of her! :o)~
I did it! lol She let me do it! lol and then gave out this big sigh! lol
I'll post them in another entry. :o)
I noticed this morning that both of my feet are starting to get a bit bigger. Bummer. What I find to be so weird is that when the part of my body "isn't" swollen, The skin is lose! ick! I hope I'm explaining this right. Like my neck, it's still swollen. But, when it goes down all the way, I have this skin thats just there! It's gross! When my body is "not" swollen, maybe I can try and get pictures to show what I'm talking about.
I need to go for now. Thank you for your very helpfull comments! :o) I really appreciate them all! Stay warm! :o)


momiscool2 said...

How do you like the neuronin and Lyrica?
I was prescribed that last Summer for lower back pain that went into my leg (I was almost wheelchair bound with the pain) and it helped me a great deal. You are the first person I know that has used that combination.
I hope your daughter and grandson feel better fast!!!

pharmolo said...

You have one heck of a shipping order of pills to take, Lisa.

specialadyfink said...

I 'do' take my water pills at bedtime-and I hate doing it((up all nite)) but during the day I have to do so much on the road running that -if the inkling hits ya gots to be be close to the potty and in a car driving-no can do....
Between the expected visits-the best you can do is stetch out on the sofa and if you doze off-so be it-they all understand that your body is exhausted..........
take care

queeniemart said...

that is ALOT of hope all those pills help you in the end to feel better. I hope you have a good day even though it will be busy.
Love,lisa jo

gehi6 said...

Unbelievable list of medicines! I am curious about the electric shock feeling.  Does not sound pleasant to me but wonder why.  I do hope they can keep finding medicines that will keep the water coming out of your body.  Oh, it is so worrisome to have family members sick, especially a little kid and a pregnant mom.  Kayden is so wild and active when he feels well.  We are getting a flu season here now.  Last winter was so hot we didnt even get any.  This winter we have had more storms than we have had in years, but so welcome in Arizona.  Gerry

ajquinn354 said...

Lisa, hope your daughter and son start to feel better, so many folks have this hanging on illness right now, sure the weather and being out in it at all doesn't help.  Sounds like you have a busy day with everyone coming by at different times today.  Gee I thought I had a lot of pills to take (8) with my heart condition but you beat me there. Just take it one day at a time dear, hopefully the meds will work, no fun with the lasix is it, guess we both can be thankful we only take 80 mgs daily.  Take care. Arlene

chat2missie said...


kirkbyj05 said...

I hope your daughter and grandson get well quickly Lisa.   What an awful lot of pills you are taking.  I hope they all do as they are supposed to.
It sounds st though the water pills are.  Just take care and mind how you go as you go about backwards and forwards to 'pay a visit'.  we don't want you falling again.
Jeanie xx

imgr8phil said...

So many medications you are taking.  That in itself sounds like a full time job.  I don't much care for waiting around either, so I am completely with you there.  Sorry your whole family is under the weather as well.  Take care and have a good Friday.


cuteallison1980 said...

You take so many pills Lisa.  I don't know how you do it and all that waiting around for others.  Do your best day in and day out.  Luv ya!


jmoqueen said...

Wow I'm surprised you remember which of those pills to take and when!!  You are a remarkable person to me especially as you keep smiling xx