Friday, February 29, 2008


A video I took of Kayden and my daughter just playing with Madia last night! :o) You sure can tell that Kayden felt a bit better as has his cars and stuff all over the floor! :o) Just too cute! :o) I hope you enjoy!

I also want to thank you for signing my guestbook! And, welcome to my journal! :o)




lanurseprn said...

Madia is sooo cute.

emabecmar said...

Madia could be a good asset to our Phillies here in PA, lol. She catches better then some of our players, lol. Love the video. ((((hugs)))))

gehi6 said...

Yes, it looks like Kayden is feeling better.  A dog can endlessly entertain a child.  I love to see them interact.  One of my neices just had a child all by herself (is estranged from the father) but her little dog is so protective of the baby, and she reported when the baby screamed, the little dog howled.  She used to be known as the great dog lover and my sister, her grandma, said, "You need a baby."  About nine months later she had one but sadly not livng with the father.  I am so glad that your daughter has a loving husband to help her.  And a loving Mom and step dad as well.  DH seems to love to play with Kayden.  Gerry