Friday, March 30, 2007

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.....Just to let you know, nothing in this journal's entry is toward anyone in specific, I use it to write my feelings, and about my illnesess,and in hopes it might help someone else as I do. And if you might take an entry wrong and feel that it is about you, I'm sorry but It isn't, it just may seem to coincide with your own life. May God bless you!......

Hello! :o) Going to try at this again! :o)

This has been a long road for me lately, to travel. And of course I've accepted this new gift of mine. Just still learning about it and most important; from it! :o)
Yesterday morning I had a very scary incident. All week I've been having more problems with my throat. I was eating cereal for breakfast and a small piece got lodged in my throat somehow and stayed! I couldn't breath! The only thing I could think of to do was to cough! And cough hard! I wasn't able to take in any breaths in between the it was scaring me. I grabbed my trash can and had it in front of me to catch what came from my throat. I could finally feel something start to move up! It was slow, but I felt air getting through as well! I was able to get some breaths. As soon as I could grab enough air to get a good and hard cough, I got it out of my throat! That litterally scared me more then anything so far! My daughter was here, but had no idea what was going on. And I think I scared my grandson. :o( That just broke my heart. ;o(

I'm getting to a point right now of almost being afraid of so many things. Thats NOT me! I'm a fighter!

When my physical therapist came yesterday, she was amazed at how my body is. So am I! I feel like a big ball of yarn. Like the way the yarn is all in such different ways and twists? Thats about the only way I can think of to describe it. So many new and different muscle cramps and pains! Most of them started on the first day it was in the upper 80's here! Thats what heat does to my body! I was litteraly in a ball! I couldn't straighten up. My therapist didn't understand why the air wasn't turned on for me that day. I explained why. :o( She wasn't very happy about it. I feel the same.

Since then, it has been turned on for the days in the 80's. I just stay in my room. It's better that way so I can at least have my window open to stay cool. I had a muslce cramp so big on my left foot arch, I walked on the side of my foot. She didn't like that either...I told her I didn't care for it much too! lol Geesh! I was the one that had to cope with all of the pains! :o) Good Grief! :o) For the first time in all these years of her coming to give me the deep tissue massages...I went up to hit her! Big OOOPPPSSYY! :o) She understood. :o) Whew! I've never done that....even though it is human nature to try and hit someone that is hurting you and putting you in so much pain! :o) I just told her to hold my hand down when she got to the other side! lol 
Well, my grandson loves to color and seems to still be following in his mom's and Uncle's footsteps when they were his age! :o) My son loved to draw and was and still is very good at drawing! :o) My daughter at his age just loved to draw as well, but on all of the walls! LOL is he! LOL You should see his master pieces! I love them...But....! LOL I should take pictures of them so you can see how good he is! lol :o) And where he likes to draw! :o) Most of his drawings resemble piccaso I think! :o) Since he will be 2 in 2 months now...I think he's doing a bit of "express yourself!" LOL I think it's cute! :o) I'm just going to do what I did with my daughter.....get him a little bucket, and a sponge, and then show him how to wash it off! :o) He knows he's not allowed to do it....but that ain't going to stop him! LOL No way! LOL :o) He kills me! lol What I showed him this morning was Russ's new journal...! YAY! Then I you can color on that! lol As if he doesn't have a zillion coloring books here! :o) He needs 1 more! :o) Thats the problem! :o) lol
Oh...he just makes me laugh so hard! Thats the best medicine ever! :o)

Honestly...I really need to get off of here now to go rest a bit. I hope I'll be able to write I used to. I don't like to feel constricted. gggrr!
I do have some pictures I did won't to put on here, but not sure if I'll be able to right now. This just poped into my head....and it made my daughter and I laugh so hard this morning....just wanted to share it....when she was in here getting ready for classes, and (K) was in here with his drum set and he had a brown crayon too! I seen him go to the drums and just start to reach to color on the head on the drum.....And my daughter and I both said NO! Well....(K) looked at the crayon, looked at us, then back down at the crayon, then threw it up and acted like the crayon was doing it and he had no control over it! LOL Too funny!

Thanks everyone for your comments! Gods blessings to all of you! :o)

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my78novata said...

chocking is one of the scarriest things thtat can happen you feel so helpless. you need to do the over the chair heimlich manuver. they say you can do it by yourself

lanurseprn said...

Your previous commenter is right, do the Heimlich maneuver on the chair.  It will push enough air out to dislodge the food.  If you don't know how, I'm sure you can learn about it on the internet somewhere.
Love your stories about your grandson!  Too cute.

astoriasand said...

I know where you are coming from here.I choke if I eat nuts and things that are sharp like some breakfast cereals.I have had investigations in hospital on my esophagus ,and all was well,thank goodness ,but that was few yrs ago now..But it was real scary when it first happened.I still get things stuck if i do not chew enough.Children are so funny and you sound to have  areal artist about.My young grandaughter drew me a flower she said there Grandma a nice crocus for you.It was one big splodge of black in the middle of the paper.I said well crocus are white darling .She replied silly Grandma its full of dirt.haaaa.ROFL at her.I follow Russ too and I have seen the new journal today it's great LOL.Cramp is so painfull especially when it locks and you cannot undo it as I say.OUCH.I hope you soon feel better and have a lovely week/end if possible.I loved the part of crayoning on walls.Haaaa Brought back lots of memories for me thanx a mill.Tears in my eyes.Take Care God bless


pharmolo said...

Be careful, Lisa, as you can. I'm sorry to hear of your continued decline, but am happy that you are getting so much joy out of your grandson :-))

chat2missie said...


ajquinn354 said...

Oh dear your choking was scary for you, glad you dislodged that dear.  You never did say what it was you were eating.  You just hang in there, know it's not easy having all the health problems dear.  Know we care and you are in our thoughts...Arlene (AJ)

toonguykc said...

What a battle you are fighting right now!  I can only offer hope and best wishes.  Please do not feel obligated to comment in my journals, Lisa.  I'd rather you use the time to enjoy your family and to save your physical strength for more important things.  I'll know you're there.  {{{{{huggggg}}}}}}}


marainey1 said...

What a blessing to have that grandson around.  The smiles are worth their weight in gold for sure.  'On Ya' - ma

hugsdoodlewacky said...


lisa41076 said...

Lisa, I am glad that piece of food dislodged from your throat, that must have been really scary !!!!!!! I choked once on a bite of my cheeseburger, Have a good weekend, Hugs Lisa

dca721 said...

Sorry you got scared.  That must have been awful.
Glad you are okay.

kamdghwmw said...

I have choaked on stuff before and man it is scarry! I am glad that your grandson like to color! I wish I still got fridge art!

emabecmar said...

oh man i know that choaking feeling all too well. ever since chemo and radiation, it feels like my esophygus fills up and it takes all i can to be able to take a deep breath and cough. it really scares me. so cute how the baby loves to draw. my grandson loves to draw also. ((((((hugs))))))))