Friday, August 24, 2007

~Love life!~

.....Just to let you know, nothing in this journal's entry is toward anyone in specific, I use it to write my feelings, and about my illnesess, and in hopes it might help someone else as I do.I do not pretend nor imatate to be someone I'm not. And if you might take an entry wrong and feel that it is about you, I'm sorry but It isn't, it just may seem to coincide with your own life. And if there is something in what I write that "offends" you, options; don't read, or realize that this IS real life, and get out of your plastic bubble and learn more about it! God bless you!......


Good morning!

I'm going to be logging a few things....I just need to get it down with a date. Not at all looking for pity. :o)

All day yesterday, I could hardly walk. From my back/spine, on down to my feet. Now the fibromyalgia and ms is acting up. My right leg had that 'shocking' feeling again and both legs I could barely move. It was more of a 'shuffle' then walking. I was and still am very shaky. I'm having some problems with my arms and involuntering movements. Very 'jerky.' More so my right arm. I'm still experiancing this this morning. I wasn't able to get to sleep last night. ( at my 'normal' time) I was finally able to lay down at 3:30. Got up at 8:00. Thats still good sleep for me!

I called the doctor that I like yesterday as well, and the earliest they could get me in is on Tuesday! I told the nurse I was coming in for the same thing I was there for last week. When I got up this morning, I took my blood pressure. I didn't do it yesterday. It was 136/99 and my pulse 115! I'm not going to check it again until maybe tonight or tomorrow.

My daughter found out yesterday when she is due! :o) April 19! I can't wait! lol Another grandbaby to spoil with love! I've been calling the baby Lil...short for Lillian! But....if it is a girl, she really couldn't name the baby that! lol Because the last name is Lamb! lol :o) She would get majorly picked on at school! my eyes, the baby is a "lil Lamb!" :o) If I could jumpup and down, I would! I can't wait! :o)

Tomorrow there is a wedding shower for my daughter! She's going to drive me down there! It's all the way in Xenia! I know I'm going to have fun!
She starts college back up next week! YAY! I'm very proud of her! I'm very proud of both my children! It's been almost 14 months now that my son stopped smoking! YAY!

I also want to thank Linda for the e-card! Thank you! It made me laugh so hard! LOL I love to laugh! :o) I feel that you have to...or life would be so boring! I laugh at myself all the time! lol Especially the way I'm walking this morning and yesterday! lol All that keeps going through my mind is that character that Carol Bernett played on her show! Mrs. Wiggins I think! LOL :o)
And...thank you so much Lisa Jo for the beautiful birthday card! :o) You have such a huge heart! :o) Thank you! :o)

This is for everyone! Many hugs and kisses to you! :o) Thank you for being my friend! :o)



malagutigrrl said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.  Lighting candles for you today.  

sweetestsin52605 said...

wow, I hope they can finally find out what is really wrong with you mom!
That is really high. Hope today is a better day for you.
YAY!!! I can't wait til we go tomorrow. I will have a full car. haha.
I love you!

lanurseprn said...

I hope you feel better soon!

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy Birthday!
Not quite sure when it is...but hope it is great.
Wonderful news on the grandbaby.
Hope you feel better.

geocachelinda66 said...

You deserve all that and more!  linda

pharmolo said...

And they're doing nothing about your hypertension? <shakes head in disbelief>
I'm pleased you had some decent sleep, Lisa. Have a good weekend :-)

nightmaremom said...

I am so glad you are going to the other Dr.  I do hope they are able to help...

kamdghwmw said...

That is great news about your daughter. I know as mom's .... well we are always proud of our children!
oh~! Get some rest

mztishgray0726 said...


chat2missie said...


queeniemart said...

Xenia? I am 15 min from there! Enjoy that baby best friend has a granddaughter named Lillian..he calls her Lilly. Glad you got your bday card, it was a few days early. It is awesome that your son quit smoking too....he will add yrs to his life!
LOVE, lisa

lisa41076 said...

Lisa, I hope you feel better soon, I know you have a birthday coming, there will be a card coming for you this week, Love You Lisa XO

emabecmar said...

I like the name Lillian. It's very feminine and pretty. A spring baby, that is so awesome. Congrats Grandma, I am so happy for you. ((((((hugs)))))))

wwfbison said...

What you are going through sounds terrible, I was so saddened to read about the problems you are having.  I hope your visit on Tuesday brings you some relief.
My thoughts & Prayers are with you.

heavenlybama said...

I'm glad you're seeing the dr. again.  Congrats on getting another grandbaby.

rgossett4195 said...

I love babies!!  Hope you feel better soon!  rose