Thursday, September 23, 2004


I went to bed early last night. I got so tired by myself, without any medications help! I was yawning! :o) I got up this morning at 5:00. 7 hours of sleep is great! My daughter called me this morning! She's going to come up for a short visit tomorrow night! I can't wait to see her. :o) I need to add that my shoulders have stopped hurting! YAY! I haven't had to wear my sling! My thighs aren't hurting me as bad, and neither have my calves! The only things that have really been bothering me is my left foot, my hips, my back, and my left knee. Thats great! I'm doing so much better right now. I didn't get a nap yesterday, so I really will need to today. I've been keeping myself on a very strict daily routine. I feel that, thats whats helping me as well. :o) I am now monitering everything. Thats helping too. I got an email from an old friend yesterday, asking me how I was doing, good or bad. So, I wrote back, and told them, good and bad. I got a responce back, telling me that I was doing nothing but dwelling on all of my "hardships" and not looking towards my future! Then told me their motto was to have fun with life! Ok.....I fired right back to them!!! I wrote to not write to me and ask for something that they did not want to hear! Then, I told them my motto: Please don't take life for granted! Then, they wrote me back saying that "I must have missed understood" their letter! No, I read the letter, and answered all their questioned. Like I normally do. I use forward, instead of reply, so I can do that, without forgetting what the letter even says. I haven't wrote back yet. I could not believe that this person was as heartless as they were in the letter. At first, I let it hurt my feelings. I had to get off the computer for awhile. But then I thought, NO, I will not allow someone make me feel this way. To feel bad, because I have pain, and I will, until there is better medicines! This person just don't understand what it is that I actually have. I've always had to explain it in each letter. And, I did again in the last one as well. So, this person will never make me feel bad, because of what I have. It's not my fault!

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