Wednesday, September 8, 2004

I guess I'll see what happens.....

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. He listened to me, about me wanting to go off of two medications. But, He raised a dose of one med. and took me off of one, and then added a medication. I'll see if this will work for me. It's to take pain away that I'm in, as much as possible. Plus, raise the pain threshold. If the doctors keep trying to raise my "pain threshold" any higher, it will be behind me! But, I do like the idea of trying a new medication, I think. Something just has to work sometime. I know it's out there somewhere. I really like this doctor, so I will try what he does give me. I like him, but I never said trust him, yet! That will come soon. So far, he's gaining my trust. :o) I got up this morning at 7:30! But, I didn't get to bed until 11:30. Thats still more sleep than I usually get. I just couldn't get to sleep last night for some reason. I went to bed at 11:30, but I layed there for a while. I loved that my mum, fluffed my bed pillow! :o) That felt so good! And I got in bed, before Sheba did! Ha! lol Sheba is my dog, and she always gets in or on the fluffed bed before I do! Not this time! lol If you've been reading my journal, then you already know what is hurting on me. Yes, it's all still the same. My lower back, my hips, and my legs, and add on my left arch on my foot, and the bottom of my right foot. Oh, I can't leave out my shoulders. My right eye feels very blurry again this morning. It might be because it also feels dry. I see a new eye doctor next week. Oh how I love to see them as well. Thats one thing you can't close your eyes on. If they are in your eye doing something, you're going to see it! My mum took me to Wal Mart after my doctors appointment yesterday. I think she got to see what it's like for a person that uses a wheel chair, or is just handicaped. The rudness of people is surprisingly high! Plus, I've had worse days then yesterday! Yes, it does make you feel less then a human. People that doesn't need to park in a handicap parking space, and the people inside the store. It gets so bad, sometimes I feel that it's just not worth it. I'm still a human being, just like everyone else. At least that hasn't been taken from me. This is my life. And, this is just the everyday shit that I have to deal with. If you don't experiance it, then you'll never really know what it's like.

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