Monday, September 6, 2004

Finally, a relaxing day! YAY!

This is Monday. My husband is home with me still! He had a 4 day weekend! YAY! This morning I slept in until 6:30! Wow! I'm so glad. :o) Plus, yesterday I was able to climb the stairs to the bathroom up there. It has the bath tub! I'm not a shower person, I'd much rather take a bath then a shower. I did it yesterday! YAY! My husband helped me with my things, and he got my walker for me as well. OMG! I took a nice hot bath, with calgon! It felt so good! But, calgon brought me back! :o) It took me away, then brought me back. :o) I don't know a word that would describe how I felt afterwards, but the closest would be almost normal again. But not, because I could still feel my pain. But, my muslces weren't as tight, and I could move so much better! I layed down for a nap. When I woke up, I really felt my pain all over again! But, it was so nice to just have that feeling once again after my hot bath. When I got out of bed, I was walking and I could really feel the muscles all over my body that were balled up! eeeww! They were the deep ones. Then when I got to the living room and sat down, a few places started hurting all over again. :o( Like my lower back, my hips, and my legs, and also my arms. My arms felt real heavy. So, most of my day was good. :o) I was really relaxed as well. Just too bad that the bath tub isn't down here, on the first floor. Well, I'm going now. Byeeee!

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