Sunday, September 12, 2004 add a headach to all my pain I'm having! Great!

I woke up with this terrible almost a migrane, headach! Just what I needed to add on to the pain I'm still having. :o( Yesterday, My right foot was very swollen, and my left thigh! Ok...that was strange. It felt it as well. My foot was so bad, I couldn't bend my toes. I'm waiting for a break. At least maybe 15 minutes would be nice. The pain is getting so bad, that it's making my stomach feel sick. I diffently don't need to get sick. I'm wearing a pair of sunglasses too. I have a small lamp on, and that is killing my eyes! I also found out yesterday that my daughter is having a very bad time, with her boyfriend! I told her that everything in her bedroom, which is a lot, will go with us when we move. She is not allowed to take anything in this house of hers out of here! We are doing this because of her boyfriend! To make a long story short, she understands, and was not mad about it, and is also glad that we are doing this. That just comfirms my suspisions. We talked on the phone for at least 2 hours! She told me so much, I want her here for her own safty! She did agree, but she also said that she didn't know of a way to do it. Just like when she had to live with her dad. It's the exact same thing! All she's doing is getting sick, having stomach cramps, and has diarrhea! She can't loose weight. Plus, the whole family is playing head games with her! She needs to get back here before it gets physical! She said that she understands this. I think we found a house! It has 4 bedrooms and looks to be as big as this house! YAY! This way, both kids will still have their bedrooms too! :o) We go to look at it today, at 12:30! I can't wait! It's another corner house, which I like because you only have one house to your side. :o) It has a new roof and a 2 car garage, a deck, and everything we need! I can't wait to go through it! While there, since I have to use a walker, I can see if it's big enough for that as well. Oh well. I need to go now. My arms are hurting. Geesh! Give me a break here!

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