Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just another entry.

This is just another day. I have an eye apointment this morning at 10:30. yay. Last evening, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. The only thing I did that was maybe different was to keep my aol on. I was coming in to check to see if my daughter had been on or not. Nope. I will do that at times, keep aol on just for certain reasons. Even while I take a nap. So, if it shows that I'm on line, It doesn't mean that "I" am. I did take a nap. I woke up all sweaty. I had my air on, plus my fan! I don't know why I was so hot! This isn't fun. I then got up, and my husband was home. I ate dinner, and started to just watch t.v. I would come in here, periodicly, just to check to see if my daughter had been on. nope. My hips were really giving me fits! Of course my legs as well. Then as the evening turned into night, my left shoulder started in on me! I'm really getting tired of doctors telling me that this medicine will work, and stop this medicine, and take this medicine, and I'll feel better, because it's going to take some pain away...blah blah blah!!!! I've heard enough!!! I've had enough!!! I've had my share of medicine!!! I couldn't get to sleep right away for a nap yesterday, because I had a hard time breathing! Last night, when I went to bed, I couldn't get to sleep, because I had a hard time breathing again! I was gasping for air! I not going to be a guinae pig anymore! One of these days, it's going to cost me my life!!! I've had it! My stomach has bloated, and it's because of the medicine THATS SUPPOSE TO TAKE AWAY MY PAIN!!!!!!! WELL, IT HASN'T!!!! Either have the pain, or not be able to breath...hmmmm, thats a hard desicion!!! This is it! I'm cutting down the medicines my self! :o(

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