Saturday, September 18, 2004

It's cold...and it feels good to me! :o)

I'm still doing fine with my medicine change. I honestly don't know how I let another doctor do this to me. I'm just glad that I "un-did" it to myself. I'm so tired of being someones guinae pig. I like the way I'm doing now. I can actually feel cold! :o) I am usually overheating. It's 46 out right now, and I feel the coldness! YAY! It's about time! In fact, I just got up at 7:30! I went to bed at 10:45. I've been sleeping, to me, normal! :o) I'm better during the day that way. I still take a nap as well. :o) It's like I have to where everything is "clockwork!" On schedual! I like it that way. But, as always, I am still having the same pain. If you think about it, that means I didn't gain any new pain! Very good! :o) I have what I'm used to, and no more added pain, nor swellings! I haven't swelled in a few days now! YES! :o) I'm done now...

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