Sunday, September 5, 2004

Wow! What a Day I had! :o)

I got up at 6:30 this morning! YAY! I slept in! :o) I'm was just probably worn out. The photo above, is my younger sister, and my mum! :o) They were taking a break. We all went to the Heritage Festival together. The festival itself wasn't like it used to be, but, with what they had out there, we were still able to get a few things. But, what the festival is SUPPOSED to be about are the Native Americans that settled this land, and named this town. I was looking for insence and oils that I always buy there. I always wait the whole year to go out there just for certain things that you can't buy anywhere else. There wasn't even any kiniknik. You smoke it. It relaxes me. I don't have all the herbs to make it myself. I think the most fun I had was my sister pushing me in my wheel chair! lol I couldn't stop laughing last night when I was telling my husband about it. :o) She may be skinny, but she had me going fast! lol Now the part that I am paying for. Even though I never walked, and I was only in my wheel chair, I got so worn out! I'm paying today! Lets just say that eveything is hurting! My back, hips and legs, are of course hurting the worst. My shoulders and arms are as well. I will ware my sling today. My feet still are bothering me! I just can't figure that one out! And the arches! I don't get it. Well...I don't understand what I have, either. I do wish that someone that has fibromyalgia, and reads this, could relate to some of my problems, and email me. I know there are some that do, because I did meet a very nice lady that also has MS, and we do correspond. I talked to my daughter this morning for the first time in a few days since her boyfriend has been home. I strongly believe that she needs to get all of her things, and get the hell away from him, and his family! He hasn't been home a week yet, and he's back to his old self! For her safty, she needs to get far away, and thats here, her home! God Bless her. I worry about her so much. :o( I think I'm going to leave now.....SHOWS OVER! :o)

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