Monday, September 20, 2004

Just another day.

You know....a lot of you who read this are probably thinking, IT TOOK ME LONG ENOUGH! Well, I don't just sit around and think of these kinds of things. It hit me last night, that the people that said they'd be here for me when I got worse, (fibromyalgia) aren't here. In more ways then one. It hurts. Yes, it includes my daughter as well. What, am I too much of a pain to be around? Believe me, I hate this shit too! I've been thinking of all different kinds of ways to better myself, and my health. My sister, who promised me that she would be here to help me with my hair when I could no longer do it, she moved away. My daughter, who quit her job and had my therapist write her a letter to her work so she could come up here to help me, she moved away. I just found out that my best friend is moving to Chicago. But, thats different. She has a husband there. I heard it from my husband. I know that everyone has there own lives to live, but damit, don't tell me one thing, and do another! You know, I still have feelings. Thats added on to my pain as well! (myfriendexcluded) I think that others just see me as someone thats just going down hill, not progressing, and doing nothing to help herself. Wrong! Thats all I've been doing, THATS WHY IT TOOK SO LONG FOR IT TO HIT ME!!! Plus, who doesn't have pain here and there at times?! I'm still here! As I will always be, even when we move. But to the ones that made promises to me, think again! You know who you are. To my daughter; thanks! Thanks for NOT standing up for yourself, or ME! Who am I to you again? To my sister; thanks for your help too. Thanks for not believing me when I was diagnosed, and told others that I was adding more to it then it was. Just remember karma, what comes around, goes around. To everyone else; Thanks for not helping me, or keeping your promises! (mybestfriendnotincluded) Now, I had every right in the world to say what I've said! I guess no one thinks I read their journals. I DO! Now, on to my regular entry. Everything is still going great. I'm so glad I did what I did. :o) Yes, I still have the usual pains, but glad to report that I don't have any new ones! YAY! :o) I'm too upset right now to even write. Later.

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