Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nothing in paticular.

Today is now 1 full week! YAY....I did it! :o) I am feeling so much better than I was before. Yes, I do have pains still. Because I have fibromyalgia. ....and thats it! No amount of medicines will ever take away the pain we all have with this disease. It may take me awhile to come up with something that maybe someone else already knows, but, I do get it now! Now, yesterday, my mum and sis came to visit me! It was a very nice surprise. My mum was taking us both out for lunch. :o) Thats the sis that has fibromyalgia as well. I had such a nice time! It felt really good to get out. It was very sunny, and just the right temperature! She took me to a store here in town, that is the same store she works in, in another town. Thats was nice. If I got a bit tired, I just sat down on my walker. My walker has 4 wheels, hand breaks, and a seat. Then, we went to get a chocolate sundea, and came back home. It was the "topping on the cake" for me! :o) I really love spending time with my mum. She's like my best friend as well. We sat and watched Judge Judy and had our sundea's. She had read a few entry's before this one. I think when I wrote that one, I have been just stretched to my limits. It's like I get "cabin fever" all the time. Because I don't get out like everyone else does. So, it does kind of build up inside me. And, my mum thought I might have been talking about her. lol Of course not! She now knows. :o) Oh...And so does my best friend! :o) We are getting ready to move, and thats going to be a fresh start to me. I need to start packing, and so I thought that I needed to get a few things off of my chest as well. A fresh start for me, too! Nothing is wrong with that! :o) I'm here sitting and looking out, It's not my fault! I'm just still greiving my losses. Yesterday, when I was walking, my left knee cap fell out of place! OUCHIE!!!! It made my leg go backwards, instead of stopping it!!! GROSS!!!!!! It went back on it's own, but that was one weird feeling, and it really hurt! Good Greif...I hope that isn't going to continue happening! Well...I'll wait and see! By the way...I love you Nena! I need to go now.

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