Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sugar does NOT make the medicine go down!

Yesterday, I had an appointment to see an eye specialist. He told me what I already knew. Thats fine. But, The pain of my muscles cramping up, because of the heat, and my legs, ankles and feet swelling, was not worth it. :o( No one actually realizes how hard it is on me, to do anything! After my doctor changed my medicine's once again, I've been miserable, scared to lay down, and swelling, and not sleeping! Well, I need to not be miserable, nor scared, and I have to at sometime in my life, lay down, and sleep! Wouldn't you think that would be a safe assumption? I do! I am the only one that knows my one else does. What I did this morning is started putting the medicine in my pill boxes that I was taking, before all of this non sence took place! I'm taking over MY body again! No one else will do it ever again! I will not be afraid to lay down, (because of my breathing) I will be able to sleep again, and, I will not be miserable! So, out of 12 bottles of pills I have sitting in front of me right now, I have only 4 that I am going to take! Thats it! I am very serious! Yes, I am in a lot of pain this morning. My left knee was in so much pain, once again, it woke me up. Then my right shoulder, then my back. Again, it took me around 20 minutes to get out of my bed! Of course, the usual is still in a lot of pain. My shoulders, back, hips, legs, knees, and my left foot, and my right ankle. I'm also still swollen from yesterday. It got so bad last night, my thighs were too far apart from one another, I had a very hard time just walking to my bathroom! Thats not good! Yes mum, after you left, I put in a dvd, and was laying on the couch with my legs up, and Sheba and I watched The Lady Killers! :o) Sheba loved it! lol But yes, if the swelling doesn't even go down just a little bit, even when you have your legs above your heart, somethings WRONG! I'm angry at myself for NOT pushing my doctor enough, to take me off of some of my medicines. I'm not beating my self up over it, just hind-sight got the best of me. I did, however, have fun yesterday with my mum, and my sister. :o) Even when I looked like that girl in the Movie, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that ate the blueberry candy and ballooned up! ^*^*^**^*^*^*^*Gone*^*^***^*^**^^* 

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