Monday, September 27, 2004


I got a little more sleep last night. I feel a bit better. My husband and I talk to my daughter last night. It makes him feel better to hear her voice as well. We were both able to actually talk to her about the little one, and how she really needs to come here so she can go to a doctor to be checked. She doesn't understand that you absolutly have to do this. It's for the baby's health, then hers. She say's this is all happening all at once. Well....thats the way it happens! All at once! And continues. Nothing will ever stop, or slow down now. We love her so much, we really want to see her and the baby healthy. Nothing wrong with that. With yesterday for me to go over everything, including my health, my dizziness and everything else I was experiancing, I think was just plain surprised. :o) This morning my back is killing me still. I'm having pain in my left foot, left leg, and hips. Nothing out of the ordinary. Which is good. The only other thing I had yesterday happen, was anxiety. Which I also think goes along with the territory of being very surprised. :o) Our lives are forever changed! :o) I love you, Aloha! :o)

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